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Pattern Recognition
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125 London Wall, London, England, EC2Y 5AS
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1Reiter, Michael ; Rota, Paolo ; Kleber, Florian ; Diem, Markus ; Groenefeld-Krentz, Stefanie ; Dworzak, Michael Clustering of cell populations in flow cytometry data using a combination of Gaussian mixturesArtikel Article Dec-2016
2Brun, Luc ; Kropatsch, Walter Contains and Inside Relationships within Combinatorial PyramidsArtikel Article 2006
3Anwar, Hafeez ; Anwar, Saeed ; Zambanini, Sebastian ; Porikli, Fatih Deep ancient Roman Republican coin classification via feature fusion and attentionArtikel Article 2021
4Zambanini, Sebastian Feature-based groupwise registration of historical aerial images to present-day ortho-photo mapsArtikel Article 2019
5de Sousa, Samuel ; Kropatsch, Walter G. Graph-based point drift: Graph centrality on the registration of point-setsArtikel Article2014
6Mahon-2024-Pattern Recognition-vor.pdf.jpgMahon, Louis ; Lukasiewicz, Thomas Minimum description length clustering to measure meaningful image complexityArticle Artikel Jan-2024
7Artner, Nicole M. ; Ion, Adrian ; Kropatsch, Walter G. Multi-scale 2D tracking of articulated objects using hierarchical spring systemsArtikel Article2011
8Artner, Nicole ; Ion, Adrian ; Kropatsch, Walter Multi-scale 2D tracking of articulated objects using hierarchical spring systemsArtikel Article2010
9Kropatsch, Walter ; Artner, Nicole ; Haxhimusa, Yll ; Jiang, Xiaoyi Preface of Special Issue on "Graph-based Processing for Pattern RecognitionArtikel Article2015
10Papp, Adam ; Wiesmeyr, Christoph ; Litzenberger, Martin ; Garn, Heinrich ; Kropatsch, Walter Train Detection and Tracking in Optical Time Domain Reflectometry (OTDR) SignalsArtikel Article 2016