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Pattern Recognition Letters
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RADARWEG 29, AMSTERDAM, Netherlands, 1043 NX
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1Biasotti, Silvia ; Cerri, Andrea ; Frosini, Patrizio ; Giorgi, Daniela A new algorithm for computing the 2-dimensional matching distance between size functionsArtikel Article2011
2Bandera, Antonio ; Marfill, Rebeca ; Antunez, Esther Affine-invariant contours recognition using an incremental hybrid learning approachArtikel Article2009
3Khan, Rehanullah ; Hanbury, Allan ; Stöttinger, Julian ; Bais, Abdul Color based skin classificationArtikel Article2012
4Hanbury, Allan Constructing cylindrical coordinate colour spacesArtikel Article2008
5Smochina, Cristian ; Manta, Vasile ; Kropatsch, Walter Crypts detection in microscopic images using hierarchical structuresArtikel Article2013
6Artner, Nicole M. ; Ion, Adrian ; Kropatsch, Walter G. Hierarchical spatio-temporal extraction of models for moving rigid partsArtikel Article2011
7Molina-Abril, Helena ; Real, Pedro Homological optimality in Discrete Morse theory through chain homotopiesArtikel Article2012
8Kammerer, Paul ; Lettner, Martin ; Zolda, Ernestine ; Sablatnig, Robert Identification of Drawing Tools by Classification of Textural and Boundary Features of StrokesArtikel Article2007
9Vuçini, Erald ; Kropatsch, Walter G. On the search of optimal reconstruction resolutionArtikel Article2012
10Kropatsch, Walter ; Ruiz-Shulcloper, Jose Robust and efficient analysis of signals and imagesArtikel Article2010
11Kampel, Martin ; Sablatnig, Robert Rule based system for archaeological pottery classificationArtikel Article2007
12Liu, Cheng-Lin ; Luo, Bin ; Kropatsch, Walter Special Issue "Advances in Graph-based Pattern Recognition" EditorialArtikel Article2017
13Real, Pedro ; Kropatsch, Walter Special issue on computer analysis of images and patternsArtikel Article2013
14Nguyen, Thanh Phuong ; Manzanera, Antoine ; Kropatsch, Walter G. ; Nguyen, Xuan Son Topological Attribute Patterns for texture recognitionArtikel Article 2016
15Kropatsch, Walter ; Haxhimusa, Yll ; Pizlo, Zygmunt ; Langs, Georg Vision Pyramids that do not Grow too HighArtikel Article2005