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1Hrkac, G. ; Schrefl, Thomas ; Schabes, Manfred A combined vector and scalar potential method for 3D magnetic fields and transient Eddy current effects in recording head coilsArtikel Article2006
2Gholizadeh, A. ; Tajabor, N. ; Behdani, M. ; Kriegisch, M. ; Kubel, F. ; Schönhart, M. ; Pourarian, F. ; Grössinger, R. Anisotropy and FOMP in Tb₃ (Fe₂₈₋ₓCoₓ) V₁.₀ (x=0, 3 and 6) compoundsArtikel Article 24-Jun-2011
3Paschen, Silke ; Lühmann, T. ; Wirth, S. ; Trovarelli, O. ; Geibel, C. ; Steglich, Frank Anomalous Hall effect in YbRh₂Si₂Artikel Article2005
4Friedemann, S. ; Oeschler, N. ; Krellner, C. ; Geibel, C. ; Wirth, S. ; Steglich, F. ; Paschen, S. ; MaQuilon, S. ; Fisk, Z. Band-structure and anomalous contributions to the Hall effect of YbRh₂Si₂Artikel Article2008
5Jericha, E. ; Badurek, G. ; Grössinger, R. Characterisation of novel magnetic materials using the USANSPOL techniqueArtikel Article2011
6Ruggeri, Michele ; Abert, Claas ; Hrkac, Gino ; Suess, Dieter ; Praetorius, Dirk Coupling of dynamical micromagnetism and a stationary spin drift-diffusion equation: A step towards a fully self-consistent spintronics frameworkArtikel Article 2016
7Scheidt, Ernst-Wilhelm ; Killer, U. ; Michor, Herwig ; Bauer, Ernst ; Dusek, Christian ; Kehrein, S. ; Scherer, W. Crossover from single ion to coherent non-Fermi liquid behavior in Ce₁₋ₓLaₓNi₉Ge₄Artikel Article2005
8Laumann, Stefan ; Lackner, Roman ; Michor, Herwig ; Hilscher, Gerfried ; Bauer, Ernst Crystal electric field effects in Ce₁₋ₓLaₓPt₃SiArtikel Article2006
9Sondezi-Mhlungu, B.M. ; Adroja, D.T. ; Strydom, A.M. ; Paschen, S. ; Goremychkin, E.A. Crystal electric field excitations in ferromagnetic CeTX compoundsArtikel Article2009
10Badurek, G. ; Gösselsberger, Ch. ; Jericha, E. Design of a pulsed spatial neutron magnetic spin resonatorArtikel Article2011
11Toson, P. ; Zickler, G.A. ; Fidler, J. Do micromagnetic simulations correctly predict hard magnetic hysteresis properties?Artikel Article 2016
12Alleno, E. ; Berardan, D. ; Godart, C. ; Puyet, M. ; Lenoir, B. ; Lackner, Roman ; Bauer, Ernst ; Girard, L. ; Ravot, D. Double filling in skutterudites: A promising path to improved thermoelectric propertiesArtikel Article2006
13Sato Turtelli, Reiko ; Bormio-Nunes, Christina ; Sinnecker, J.P. ; Grössinger, Roland Effect of grain shape on magnetostrictive polycrystalline Fe-Ga alloysArtikel Article2006
14Nicklas, Michael ; Sparn, G. ; Lackner, Roman ; Bauer, Ernst ; Steglich, Frank Effect of hydrostatic pressure on the ambient pressure superconductor CePt₃SiArtikel Article2005
15Ahrens, Martin ; Rahmati, B. ; Maier, J. ; Merkle, R. Effective masses of electrons in n-type SrTiO₃ determined from low-temperature specific heat capacitiesArtikel Article2007
16Strydom, André M. ; Guo, Z. ; Paschen, Silke ; Viennois, R. ; Steglich, Frank Electronic properties of semiconducting CeRu₄Sn₆Artikel Article2005
17Reissner, Michael ; Bauer, Ernst ; Steiner, Walter ; Hilscher, Gerfried ; Grytsiv, Andriy ; Rogl, Peter Franz EuzFe4Sb12 studied by 57Fe Mössbauer spectroscopyArtikel Article 2006
18Marabelli, F. ; Galli, M. ; Moscardini, Marco ; Bauer, Ernst Evolution of optical response in the series YbCu₅₋ₓAuₓArtikel Article2006
19Bashir, Shazia ; Rafique, Muhammad Shahid ; Nathala, Chandra Sekher ; Ajami, Ali Asghar ; Husinsky, Wolfgang Femtosecond laser fluence based nanostructuring of W and Mo in ethanolArtikel Article 2017
20Custers, J. ; Kriegisch, M. ; Müller, M. ; Thamizhavel, A. ; Strydom, A.M. ; Paschen, S. First order phase transitions in Ce₃Rh₄Sn₁₃Artikel Article2008