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1Yoshida, Shuhei ; Burgdörfer, Joachim ; Brienza, R. ; Fields, G. ; Dunning, F Barry 5p₁/₂nℓⱼ autoionizing states of strontium for 0≤ℓ≤5Article Artikel 12-Apr-2023
2Safavi-Naini, A. ; Rabl, P. ; Weck, P. F. ; Sadeghpour, H. R. A microscopic model of electronic field noise heating in ion trapsArtikel Article2011
3Schleich, W.P. ; Pernigo, M. ; Le Kien, Fam A nonclassical state from two pseudo-classical statesArtikel Article 1991
4Floss, Isabella ; Lemell, Christoph ; Wachter, Georg ; Smejkal, Valerie ; Sato, Shunsuke A. ; Tong, Xiao-Min ; Yabana, Kazuhiro ; Burgdörfer, Joachim Ab initio multiscale simulation of high-order harmonic generation in solidsArtikel Article 2018
5Huber, Julian ; Rabl, Peter Active energy transport and the role of symmetry breaking in microscopic power gridsArtikel Article 2019
6Kazakov, G. A. ; Schumm, T. Active optical frequency standard using sequential coupling of atomic ensemblesArtikel Article2013
7Khudaverdyan, M. ; Alt, W. ; Dotsenko, I. ; Förster, L. ; Kuhr, S. ; Meschede, D. ; Miroshnychenko, Y. ; Schrader, D. ; Rauschenbeutel, A. Adiabatic Quantum State Manipulation of Single Trapped AtomsArtikel Article2005
8Lesanovsky, I. ; Hofferberth, S. ; Andersson, L.M. ; Krüger, P. ; Schmiedmayer, Jörg ; Schumm, Thorsten Adiabatic radio-frequency potentials for the coherent manipulation of matter wavesArtikel Article2006
9Kuhr, S. ; Alt, W. ; Schrader, D. ; Dotsenko, I. ; Miroshnychenko, Y. ; Rauschenbeutel, A. ; Meschede, D. Analysis of dephasing mechanisms in a standing-wave dipole trapArtikel Article2005
10Pigneur, Marine ; Schmiedmayer, Jörg Analytical pendulum model for a bosonic Josephson junctionArtikel Article 2018
11Kabuss, Julia ; Krimer, Dmitry ; Rotter, Stefan ; Stannigl, Kai ; Knorr, Andreas ; Carmele, Alexander Analytical study of quantum-feedback-enhanced Rabi oscillationsArtikel Article 2015
12Creutzburg, S. ; Niggas, A. ; Weichselbaum, D. ; Grande, P. L. ; Aumayr, F. ; Wilhelm, R. A. Angle-dependent charge exchange and energy loss of slow highly charged ions in freestanding grapheneArtikel Article 2021
13Donsa, Stefan ; Ederer, Manuel ; Pazourek, Renate ; Burgdörfer, Joachim ; Březinová, Iva Angle-resolved time delays for shake-up ionization of heliumArtikel Article 2020
14Barna, I.F. ; Wang, Jianyi ; Burgdörfer, Joachim Angular distribution in two-photon double ionization of helium by intense attosecond soft.x-ray pulsesArtikel Article2006
15Le Kien, Fam ; Balykin, V. I. ; Hakuta, K. Angular momentum of light in an optical nanofiberArtikel Article 30-May-2006
16Deuar, P. ; Jaskula, J.-C. ; Bonneau, M. ; Krachmalnicoff, V. ; Boiron, D. ; Westbrook, C. I. ; Kheruntsyan, K. V. Anisotropy in s-wave Bose-Einstein condensate collisions and its relationship to superradianceArtikel Article 2014
17Le Kien, Fam ; Rauschenbeutel, Arno Anisotropy in scattering of light from an atom into the guided modes of a nanofiberArtikel Article Aug-2014
18Nayak, K.P. ; Le Kien, Fam ; Morinaga, M. ; Hakuta, K. Antibunching and bunching of photons in resonance fluorescence from a few atoms into guided modes of an optical nanofiberArtikel Article 2009
19Tong, Xiao-Min ; Wachter, Georg ; Sato, Shunsuke A. ; Lemell, Christoph ; Yabana, Kazuhiro ; Burgdörfer, Joachim Application of norm-conserving pseudopotentials to intense laser-matter interactionsArtikel Article2015
20Kuroiwa, Kohdai ; Yamasaki, Hayata Asymptotically consistent measures of general quantum resources: Discord, non-Markovianity, and non-GaussianityArtikel Article 2021