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1Grumiller, D. ; Kummer, W. Absolute conservation law for black holesArtikel Article2000
2Koch, Benjamin ; Asenjo, Felipe ; Hojman, Sergio Almost relevant corrections for direct measurements of electron’s g factorArticle Artikel 2022
3Ipp, A. ; Müller, D. I. ; Schuh, D. Anisotropic momentum broadening in the 2+1D glasma: Analytic weak field approximation and lattice simulationsArtikel Article 7-Oct-2020
4Grumiller, Daniel ; Leston, Mauricio ; Vassilevich, Dmitri Anti-de Sitter holography for gravity and higher spin theories in two dimensionsArtikel Article2014
5Höllwieser, Roman ; Engelhardt, Michael Approaching 𝑆𝑈(2) gauge dynamics with smeared 𝑍(2) vorticesArtikel Article Aug-2015
6Blaizot, J.-P. ; Ipp, Andreas ; Rebhan, Anton ; Reinosa, Urko Asymptotic thermal quark masses and the entropy of QCD in the large-Nf limitArtikel Article2005
7Leutgeb, Josef ; Rebhan, Anton Axial vector transition form factors in holographic QCD and their contribution to the anomalous magnetic moment of the muonArtikel Article 2020
8Donnay, Laura ; Giribet, Gaston ; González, Hernán A. ; Puhm, Andrea Black hole memory effectArtikel Article 2018
9Grumiller, Daniel ; McNees, Robert ; Zonetti, Simone Black holes in the conical ensembleArtikel Article2012
10Donnay, Laura ; Fiorucci, Adrien ; Herfray, Yannick ; Ruzziconi, Romain Bridging Carrollian and celestial holographyArticle Artikel 30-Jun-2023
11Irakleidou, Maria ; Lovrekovic, Iva ; Preis, Florian Canonical charges and asymptotic symmetry algebra of conformal gravityArtikel Article2015
12Grumiller, Daniel ; Riegler, Max Carrollian c functions and flat space holographic RG flows in BMS₃/CCFT₂Article Artikel 7-Dec-2023
13Höllwieser, Roman ; Schweigler, Thomas ; Faber, Manfried ; Heller, Urs M. Center vortices and chiral symmetry breaking in SU(2) lattice gauge theoryArtikel Article 3-Dec-2013
14Höllwieser, R. ; Faber, M. ; Greensite, J. ; Heller, U. M. ; Olejník, Š. Center Vortices and the Dirac SpectrumArtikel Article2008
15de Forcrand, Ph. ; Kurkela, A. ; Vuorinen, A. Center-symmetric effective theory for high-temperature SU(2) Yang-Mills theoryArtikel Article2008
16Lebiedowicz, Piotr ; Leutgeb, Josef ; Nachtmann, Otto ; Rebhan, Anton ; Szczurek, Antoni Central exclusive diffractive production of axial-vector ƒ₁(1285) and ƒ₁(1420) mesons in proton-proton collisionsArtikel Article 2020
17Manfredi, Giovanni ; Morandi, Omar ; Friedland, Lazar ; Jenke, Tobias ; Abele, Hartmut Chirped-frequency excitation of gravitationally bound ultracold neutronsArtikel Article 2017
18Rebhan, Anton ; Steineder, Dominik Collective modes and instabilities in anisotropically expanding ultarelativistic plasmasArtikel Article2010
19Schweigler, Thomas ; Höllwieser, Roman ; Faber, Manfried ; Heller, Urs M. Colorful SU(2) center vortices in the continuum and on the latticeArtikel Article 2013
20Altarawneh, Derar ; Höllwieser, Roman ; Engelhardt, Michael Confining Bond Rearrangement in the Random Center Vortex ModelArtikel Article2015