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1Rauch, H Basic quantum irreversibility in neutron interferometryArtikel Article2009
2Kantre, K ; Szabo, P S ; Moro, M V ; Cupak, C ; Stadlmayr, R ; Medina, L Zendejas ; Aumayr, F ; Primetzhofer, D Combination of in-situ ion beam analysis and thermal desorption spectroscopy for studying deuterium implanted in tungstenArtikel Article 2021
3Selberherr, Siegfried Device Modeling and PhysicsArtikel Article1991
4Ritter, Robert ; Wilhelm, Richard A ; Ginzel, Rainer ; Schadauer, Philip ; Heller, René ; Rupp, Werner ; López-Urrutia, José R Crespo ; Facsko, Stefan ; Aumayr, Friedrich Effect of chemical etching on poly (methyl methacrylate) irradiated with slow highly charged ionsArtikel Article 2013
5Winter, Hannspeter ; Lederer, S. ; Aumayr, Friedrich ; Winter, H. Electron Emission for Grazing Slow Atom and Ion Impact on Monocrystalline Metal and Insulator SurfacesArtikel Article2005
6Stadlmayr, R ; Szabo, P S ; Mayer, D ; Cupak, C ; Möller, W ; Aumayr, F Erosion of iron-tungsten model films by deuterium ion irradiation: a benchmark for TRI3DYNArtikel Article 2020
7Wallquist, M ; Hammerer, K ; Rabl, P ; Lukin, M ; Zoller, P Hybrid quantum devices and quantum engineeringArtikel Article2009
8Parganlija, Denis Interpreting f0(600) and a0(980) as \bar q - q states from an Nf=3 Sigma Model with (Axial-)VectorsArtikel Article2012
9Krieger, K. ; Sieglin, B. ; Balden, M. ; Coenen, J.W. ; Göths, B. ; Laggner, Florian ; de Marné, P. ; Matthews, G. ; Nille, D. ; Rohde, V. ; Dejarnac, R. ; Faitsch, M. ; Giannone, L. ; Herrmann, A. ; Horacek, J. ; Komm, M. ; Pitts, R.A. ; Ratynskaia, S. ; Thoren, E. ; Tolias, P. Investigation of transient melting of tungsten by ELMs in ASDEX UpgradeArtikel Article 2017
10Belloni, F. ; Milazzo, P. M. ; Calviani, Marco ; Colonna, N. ; Mastinu, P.F. ; Abbondanno, U. ; Aerts, G. ; Alvarez, H. ; Álvarez-Velarde, F. ; Andriamonje, S. ; Andrzejewski, J. ; Assimakopoulos, P. ; Audouin, L. ; Badurek, Gerald ; Barbagallo, M. ; Baumann, P. ; Bečvář, F. ; Berthoumieux, E. ; Calviño, F. ; Jericha, Erwin ; Leeb, Helmut ; Oberhummer, Heinz ; Pigni, Marco Tiziano ; Wisshak, K. Neutron-induced fission cross section measurement of ²³³U, ²⁴¹Am and ²⁴³Am in the energy range 0.5 MeV ≤ Eₙ ≤ 20 MeV at n_TOF at CERNArtikel Article 28-Sep-2012
11W Lovesey, Stephen ; Balcar, Ewald Quantum theory of natural circular, magneto-chrial and non-reciprocal linear dichroismArtikel Article2010
12Dobes, K ; Naderer, P ; Lachaud, N ; Eisenmenger-Sittner, C ; Aumayr, F Sputtering of tungsten by N⁺ and N₂⁺ ions: investigations of molecular effectsArtikel Article2011