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Powder Metallurgy
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1Danninger, Herbert ; de Oro Calderon, Raquel ; Gierl-Mayer, Christian Chemical reactions during sintering of PM steel compacts as a function of the alloying routeArtikel Article2018
2Mousapour, Mehrdad ; Azadbeh, Maziyar ; Danninger, Herbert Effect of compacting pressure on shape retention during supersolidus liquid phase sintering of Cu base alloysArtikel Article2017
3Ouda, K. ; Danninger, H. ; Gierl-Mayer, C. ; Hellein, R. ; Müller, A. Ferrothermal reduction of iron(III)phosphate insulating layers in soft magnetic compositesArtikel Article2021
4Rouzegar, Rozita ; Azadbeh, Maziyar ; Danninger, Herbert High-temperature flow behaviour modelling of stress-strain curves of the sintered Cu-28Zn pre-alloyed powder compacts considering dynamic recrystallisationArtikel Article2018
5Hearn, William ; Steinlechner, Robert ; Hryha, Eduard Laser-based powder bed fusion of non-weldable low-alloy steelsArtikel Article2021
6Ouda, Kevin ; Danninger, Herbert ; Gierl-Mayer, Christian Magnetic measurement of retained austenite in sintered steels - benefits and limitationsArtikel Article2018
7Danninger, Herbert ; Gierl-Mayer, Christian ; Prokofyev, Mikhail ; Huemer, Marie-Christine ; de Oro Calderon, Raquel ; Hellein, Robert ; Müller, Alexander ; Stetina, Gerold Manganese - a promising element also in high alloy sintered steelsArtikel Article2021
8Rouzegar, Rozita ; Azadbeh, Maziyar ; Danninger, Herbert Modelling the high temperature flow behaviour of sintered Cu-28Zn pre-alloyed powder compacts considering the effect of strainArtikel Article2017
9Mitterlehner, Marco ; Danninger, Herbert ; Gierl-Mayer, Christian ; Frank, Johannes ; Tomischko, Wolfgang ; Gschiel, Harald Novel testing device and routine to characterise the spreadability of powders for powder bed fusion processes – a problem-oriented approachArtikel Article 23-Feb-2022
10Mousapour, Mehrdad ; Azadbeh, Maziyar ; Mohammadzadeh, Ahad ; Danninger, Herbert On the deflection behaviour of prealloyed alpha brass during sintering: in-situ bending technique and modellingArtikel Article2020
11Prieto, Estela ; De Oro Calderon, Raquel ; Konegger, Thomas ; Gordo, Elena ; Gierl-Mayer, Christian ; Sheikh, Saad ; Guo, Sheng ; Danninger, Herbert ; Milenkovic, Srdjan ; Alvaredo, Paula Processing of a new high entropy alloy: AlCrFeMoNiTiArtikel Article2018
12Gierl-Mayer, Christian Reactions between ferrous powder compacts and atmospheres during sintering - an overviewArtikel Article2020
13Namini, Abbas Sabahi ; Azadbeh, Maziyar ; Mohammadzadeh, Ahad ; Danninger, Herbert ; Rezapasand, Shirin Relationship between pore coarsening and mass loss during supersolidus liquid phase sintering of alpha brassArtikel Article2019
14Ghasemi, Somayeh ; Azadbeh, Maziyar ; Mousapour, Mehrdad ; Mohammadzadeh, Ahad ; Danninger, Herbert ; Salimi, Nushin The role of pore evolution during supersolidus liquid phase sintering of prealloyed brass powderArtikel Article2020