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Soft Computing
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1Chajda, Ivan ; Länger, Helmut A non-associative generalization of effect algebrasArtikel Article2012
2Picado Muiño, David A probabilistic interpretation of the medical expert system CADIAG-2Artikel Article2011
3Shafiq, Muhammad ; Atif, Muhammad ; Viertl, Reinhard Beyond precision: accelerated life testing for fuzzy life time dataArtikel Article 2018
4Chajda, Ivan ; Länger, Helmut Commutative basic algebras and coupled near semiringsArtikel Article 2015
5Corsi Esther Anna - 2018 - Connecting fuzzy logic and argumentation frames via...pdf.jpgCorsi, Esther Anna ; Fermüller, Christian G. Connecting fuzzy logic and argumentation frames via logical attack principlesArticle Artikel 15-Apr-2019
6Chajda, Ivan ; Länger, Helmut Consistent posetsArtikel Article 2021
7Laenger Helmut - 2016 - Convex congruences.pdf.jpgLänger, Helmut ; Chajda, Ivan Convex congruencesArticle Artikel 2017
8Svozil Karl - 2019 - Faithful orthogonal representations of graphs from...pdf.jpgSvozil, Karl Faithful orthogonal representations of graphs from partition logicsArticle Artikel Jul-2020
9Chajda, Ivan ; Länger, Helmut Filters and congruences in sectionally pseudocomplemented lattices and posetsArtikel Article 2021
10Vetterlein, Thomas Fuzzy logic as a logic of the expressive strength of informationArtikel Article2008
11Chajda, Ivan ; Länger, Helmut Ideals and their complements in commutative semiringsArtikel Article 2019
12Chajda-2022-Soft Computing-vor.pdf.jpgChajda, Ivan ; Länger, Helmut Implication in finite posets with pseudocomplemented sectionsArtikel Article Jul-2022
13Chajda Ivan - 2019 - The lattice of subspaces of a vector space over a finite...pdf.jpgChajda, Ivan ; Länger, Helmut The lattice of subspaces of a vector space over a finite fieldArticle Artikel 1-May-2019
14Chajda-2020-Soft Computing-vor.pdf.jpgChajda, Ivan ; Länger, Helmut Left residuated lattices induced by lattices with a unary operationArtikel Article Jan-2020
15Chajda Ivan - 2019 - Left residuated operators induced by posets with a unary...pdf.jpgChajda, Ivan ; Länger, Helmut Left residuated operators induced by posets with a unary operationArticle Artikel Nov-2019
16Chajda, Ivan ; Länger, Helmut On congruences of weak latticesArtikel Article 2016
17Chajda, Ivan ; Halaš, Radomir ; Länger, Helmut Operations and structures derived from non-associative MV-algebrasArtikel Article 2019
18Freund, Rudolf ; Paun, Andrei P systems with active membranes and without polarizationsArtikel Article2005
19Chajda, Ivan ; Kolařík, Miroslav ; Länger, Helmut Polynomial permutations on bounded commutative directoids with an antitone involutionArtikel Article2011
20Putz, Volkmar ; Svozil, Karl Quantum musicArtikel Article 2017