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Soft Matter
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1Pauschenwein, Gernot ; Kahl, Gerhard Cluster, columns, and lamellae - minimum energy configuration in core softened potentialsArtikel Article2008
2Coslovich, Daniele ; Hansen, Jean-Pierre ; Kahl, Gerhard Clustering, conductor-insulator transition and phase separation of an ultrasoft model of electrolytesArtikel Article2011
3Drack, Manfred ; Gebeshuber, Ille C. Comment on "Innovation through imitation: biomimetic, bioinspired and biokleptic research" by A.E. Rawlings, J.P. Bramble and S.S. Staniland, Soft Matter, 2012, 8, 6675"Artikel Article2013
4Nikoubashman, Arash ; Likos, Christos N. ; Kahl, Gerhard Computer simulations of colloidal particles under flow in microfluidic channelsArtikel Article 2013
5Zöttl, Andreas ; Klop, Kira E. ; Balin, Andrew K. ; Gao, Yongxiang ; Yeomans, Julia M. ; Aarts, Dirk G. A. L. Dynamics of individual Brownian rods in a microchannel flowArtikel Article 2019
6Liberto, Teresa ; Le Merrer, Marie ; Barentin, Catherine ; Bellotto, Maurizio ; Colombani, Jean Elasticity and yielding of a calcite paste: scaling laws in a dense colloidal suspensionArtikel Article 2017
7Nikoubashman, Arash ; Kahl, Gerhard ; Likos, Christos N. Flow quantization and nonequilibrium nucleation of soft crystalsArtikel Article 2012
8Fornleitner, Julia ; LoVerso, Frederica ; Kahl, Gerhard ; Likos, Christos N. Genetic algorithms predict formation of exotic ordered configurations for two-component dipolar momolayersArtikel Article 2008
9Karner, Carina ; Dellago, Christoph ; Bianchi, Emanuela Hierarchical self-assembly of patchy colloidal plateletsArtikel Article 2020
10Coslovich, Daniele ; Strauss, Lukas ; Kahl, Gerhard Hopping and microscopic dynamics of ultrasoft particles in cluster crystalsArtikel Article2011
11Liberto, Teresa ; Le Merrer, Marie ; Manneville, Sébastien ; Barentin, Catherine Interparticle attraction controls flow heterogeneity in calcite gelsArtikel Article 2020
12Bianchi, Emanuela ; Kahl, Gerhard ; Likos, Christos N. Inverse patchy colloids: from microscopic description to mesoscopic coarse-grainingArtikel Article 2011
13Qu, M. ; Deng, F. ; Kalkhoran, S. ; Gouldstone, A. ; Robisson, Agathe ; Van Vliet, K.J. Nanoscale visualization and multiscale mechanical implications of the bound rubber interphase in rubber-carbon black nanocompositesArtikel Article2011
14Shrivastav, Gaurav P. ; Kahl, Gerhard On the yielding of a defect-rich model crystal under shear: insights from molecular dynamics simulationsArtikel Article 2021
15Kahn, Mario ; Weis, Jean-Jacques ; Likos, Christos N. ; Kahl, Gerhard Ordered equilibrium structures in soft matter systems between two and three dimensionsArtikel Article 2009
16Noya, Eva ; Kolovos, Ismene ; Doppelbauer, Günther ; Kahl, Gerhard ; Bianchi, Emanuela Phase diagram of inverse patchy colloids assembling into an equilibrium laminar phaseArtikel Article 14-Nov-2014
17Doppelbauer, Günther ; Noya, Eva G. ; Bianchi, Emanuela ; Kahl, Gerhard Self assembly scenarios of patchy particlesArtikel Article2012
18Bianchi, Emanuela ; Panagiotopoulos, Athanassios Z. ; Nikoubashman, Arash Self-assembly of Janus particles under shearArtikel Article 2015
19Bonazza, K. ; Gaderer, R. ; Neudl, S. ; Przylucka, A. ; Allmaier, G. ; Druzhinina, I. S. ; Grothe, H. ; Friedbacher, G. ; Seidl-Seiboth, V. The fungal cerato-platanin protein EPL1 forms highly ordered layers at hydrophobic/hydrophilic interfacesArtikel Article 2015