Software and Systems Modeling

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Software and Systems Modeling
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1Gabmeyer, Sebastian ; Kaufmann, Petra ; Seidl, Martina ; Gogolla, Martin ; Kappel, Gerti A Feature-Based Classification of Formal Verification Techniques for Software ModelsArtikel Article2019
2Bruneliere, Hugo ; Burger, Erik ; Cabot, Jordi ; Wimmer, Manuel A feature-based survey of model view approachesArtikel Article2017
3Bill, Robert ; Fleck, Martin ; Troya, Javier ; Mayerhofer, Tanja ; Wimmer, Manuel A Local and Global Tour on MOMoTArtikel Article2019
4Bork, Dominik ; Roelens, Ben A technique for evaluating and improving the semantic transparency of modeling language notationsArtikel Article2021
5Bousse Erwan - 2017 - Advanced and efficient execution trace management for...pdf.jpgBousse, Erwan ; Mayerhofer, Tanja ; Combemale, Benoit ; Baudry, Benoit Advanced and efficient execution trace management for executable domain-specific modeling languagesArticle Artikel 8-Feb-2019
6Burgueño, Loli ; Ciccozzi, Federico ; Famelis, Michalis ; Kappel, Gerti ; Lambers, Leen ; Mosser, Sebastien ; Paige, Richard F. ; Pierantonio, Alfonso ; Rensink, Arend ; Salay, Rick ; Taentzer, Gabriele ; Vallecillo, Antonio ; Wimmer, Manuel Contents for a Model-Based Software Engineering Body of KnowledgeArtikel Article2019
7Oakes, Bentley James ; Troya, Javier ; Lúcio, Levi ; Wimmer, Manuel Full Contract Verification for ATL using Symbolic ExecutionArtikel Article2016
8Blanchette, Jasmin ; Bordeleau, Francis ; Pierantonio, Alfonso ; Kosmatov, Nikolai ; Taentzer, Gabriele ; Wimmer, Manuel Introduction to the STAF 2015 special sectionArtikel Article2019
9Bergmayr Alexander - 2016 - Leveraging annotation-based modeling with JUMP.pdf.jpgBergmayr, Alexander ; Grossniklaus, Michael ; Wimmer, Manuel ; Kappel, Gerti Leveraging annotation-based modeling with JUMPArticle Artikel Feb-2018
10Visconti, Ennio ; Tsigkanos, Christos ; Hu, Zhenjiang ; Ghezzi, Carlo Model-driven engineering city spaces via bidirectional model transformationsArtikel Article2021
11Berardinelli Luca - 2017 - Multidimensional context modeling applied to...pdf.jpgBerardinelli, Luca ; Bernardo, Marco ; Cortellessa, Vittorio ; Di Marco, Antinisca Multidimensional context modeling applied to non-functional analysis of softwareArticle Artikel 1-Jun-2019
12Fellner, Andreas ; Tabaei Befrouei, Mitra ; Weissenbacher, Georg Mutation testing with hyperpropertiesArtikel Article2021
13Proper-2022-Software and Systems Modeling-vor.pdf.jpgProper, Henderik A. ; Wagter, Roel ; Bekel, Joost On enterprise coherence governance with GEA: a 15-year co-evolution of practice and theoryArticle Artikel 28-Oct-2022