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Solid-State Electronics
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1Mikolajick, Thomas ; Galderisi, Giulio ; Simon, M. ; Rai, S. ; Kumar, A. ; Heinzig, André ; Weber, Walter Michael ; Trommer, Jens 20 Years of reconfigurable field-effect transistors: From concepts to future applicationsArticle Artikel 1-Dec-2021
2Vasicek, M. ; Cervenka, J. ; Wagner, M. ; Karner, M. ; Grasser, T. A 2D Non-Parabolic Six-Moments ModelArtikel Article2008
3Langer, E. ; Selberherr, S. ; Mader, H. A Numerical Analysis of Bulk-Barrier DiodesArtikel Article1982
4Wittmann, R. ; Selberherr, S. A Study of Ion Implantation into Crystalline GermaniumArtikel Article2007
5Schütz, Alfred ; Selberherr, Siegfried ; Pötzl, Hans W. A Two-Dimensional Model of the Avalanche Effect in MOS TransistorsArtikel Article1982
6Selberherr, Siegfried ; Sverdlov, Viktor About electron transport and spin control in semiconductor devicesArtikel Article 2022
7Šimonka, Vito ; Nawratil, Georg ; Hössinger, Andreas ; Weinbub, Josef ; Selberherr, Siegfried Anisotropic Interpolation Method of Silicon Carbide Oxidation Growth Rates for Three-Dimensional SimulationArtikel Article 2017
8Lenz-2023-Solid-State Electronics-vor.pdf.jpgLenz, Christoph ; Manstetten, Paul ; Aguinsky, Luiz Felipe ; Rodrigues, Francio ; Hössinger, Andreas ; Weinbub, Josef Automatic Grid Refinement for Thin Material Layer Etching in Process TCAD SimulationsArtikel Article Feb-2023
9Stradiotto, Roberta ; Pobegen, Gregor ; Ostermaier, Clemens ; Grasser, Tibor Characterization of Charge Trapping Phenomena at III-N/Dielectric InterfacesArtikel Article 2016
10Mounir-2023-Solid-State Electronics-vor.pdf.jpgMounir, Ahmed ; Iniguez, Benjamin ; Lime, Francois ; Kloes, Alexander ; Knobloch, Theresia ; Grasser, Tibor Compact I-V Model for back-gated and double-gated TMD FETsArticle Artikel Sep-2023
11Fiorentini, Simone ; Ender, Johannes ; Selberherr, Siegfried ; Lacerda de Orio, Roberto ; Goes, Wolfgang ; Sverdlov, Viktor Comprehensive evaluation of torques in ultra-scaled MRAM devicesArticle Artikel Jan-2023
12Nylander, J.O. ; Masszi, F. ; Selberherr, S. ; Berg, S. Computer Simulations of Schottky Contacts with a Non-Constant Recombination VelocityArtikel Article1989
13Neophytou, Neophytos ; Kosina, Hans Confinement-Induced Carrier Mobility Increase in Nanowires by Quantization of Warped BandsArtikel Article2012
14Stanojević, Zlatan ; Baumgartner, Oskar ; Filipović, Lidija ; Kosina, Hans ; Karner, Markus ; Kernstock, Christian ; Prause, Philipp Consistent Low-Field Mobility Modeling for Advanced MOS DevicesArtikel Article 2015
15Fiorentini, S. ; Ender, J. ; Selberherr, S. ; de Orio, R.L. ; Goes, W. ; Sverdlov, V. Coupled Spin and Charge Drift-Diffusion Approach Applied to Magnetic Tunnel JunctionsArtikel Article 2021
16Illarionov, Y.Y. ; Knobloch, T. ; Grasser, T. Crystalline Insulators for Scalable 2D NanoelectronicsArtikel Article 2021
17Sverdlov, Viktor ; Selberherr, Siegfried Current and Shot Noise at Spin-Dependent Hopping through Junctions with Ferromagnetic ContactsArtikel Article 2019
18Alexewicz, A. ; Alomari, M. ; Maier, D. ; Behmenburg, H. ; Giesen, C. ; Heuken, M. ; Pogany, D. ; Kohn, E. ; Strasser, G. Current collapse reduction in InAlGaN/GaN high electron mobility transistors by surface treatment of thermally stable ultrathin in situ SiN passivationArtikel Article2013
19Lenz, Christoph ; Toifl, Alexander ; Quell, Michael ; Rodrigues, Francio ; Hössinger, Andreas ; Weinbub, Josef Curvature Based Feature Detection for Hierarchical Grid Refinement in TCAD Topography SimulationsArtikel Article 2022
20Loch, Wilton Jaciel ; Fiorentini, Simone ; Jørstad, Nils Petter ; Goes, Wolfgang ; Selberherr, Siegfried ; Sverdlov, Viktor Double Reference Layer STT-MRAM Structures with Improved PerformanceArtikel Article 2022