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1Haindl, S. A novel magnetoscan designArtikel Article2005
2Zehetmayer, M A review of two-band superconductivity: materials and effects on the thermodynamic and reversible mixed-state propertiesArtikel Article2013
3Gömöry, F ; Vojenčiak, M ; Pardo, E ; Solovyov, M ; Šouc, J AC losses in coated conductorsArtikel Article2010
4Sedlak, K. ; Anvar, V. A. ; Bagrets, N. ; Biancolini, M. E. ; Bonifetto, R. ; Bonne, F. ; Boso, D. ; Brighenti, A. ; Bruzzone, P. ; Celentano, G. ; Chiappa, A. ; D'Auria, V. ; Dan, M. ; Decool, P. ; della Corte, A. ; Dembkowska, A. ; Dicuonzo, O. ; Duran, I. ; Eisterer, Michael ; Corato, V. Advance in the conceptual design of the European DEMO magnet systemArtikel Article Apr-2020
5Pfeiffer-2023-Superconductor Science and Technology-vor.pdf.jpgPfeiffer, Stephan ; Baumgartner, Thomas ; Löffler, Stefan ; Stöger-Pollach, Michael ; Hopkins, Simon C. ; Ballarino, A. ; Eisterer, Michael ; Bernardi, Johannes Analysis of inhomogeneities in Nb₃Sn wires by combined SEM and SHPM and their impact on Jc and TcArticle Artikel 4-Apr-2023
6Eisterer, M ; Raunicher, R ; Weber, H W ; Bellingeri, E ; Cimberle, M R ; Pallecchi, I ; Putti, M ; Ferdeghini, C Anisotropic critical currents in FeSe_{0.5}Te_{0.5} films and the influence of neutron irradiationArtikel Article2011
7Häßler, W ; Kovac, P ; Eisterer, M ; Abrahamsen, A B ; Herrmann, M ; Rodig, C ; Nenkov, K ; Holzapfel, B ; Melisek, T ; Kulich, M ; v Zimmermann, M ; Bednarcik, J ; Grivel, J C Anisotropy of the critical current in MgB₂ tapes made of high energy milled precursor powderArtikel Article 2010
8Kortyka, A ; Puzniak, R ; Wisniewski, A ; Zehetmayer, M ; Weber, H W ; Cai, Y Q ; Yao, X Anisotropy of the superconducting state parameters and intrinsic pinning in low-level Pr-doped YBa2Cu3O7−δ single crystalsArtikel Article2010
9Pallecchi, Ilaria ; Eisterer, Michael ; Malagoli, Andrea ; Putti, Marina Application potential of Fe-based superconductorsArtikel Article2015
10Baumgartner, T ; Hecher, J ; Bernardi, J ; Pfeiffer, S ; Senatore, C ; Eisterer, M Assessing composition gradients in multifilamentary superconductors by means of magnetometry methodsArtikel Article 2017
11Hengstberger, F ; Eisterer, M ; Zehetmayer, M ; Weber, H W Assessing the spatial and field dependence of the critical current density in YBCO bulk superconductors by scanning Hall probesArtikel Article2009
12Pallecchi, I. ; Eisterer, Michael ; Malagoli, Andrea ; Putti, M. Assessment of the Potential of Iron-based Superconductors for Large Scale ApplicationsArtikel Article 2015
13Anna Thomas, Aleena ; Shipulin, Ilya A ; Holleis, Sigrid ; Eisterer, Michael ; Nielsch, Kornelius ; Hühne, Ruben Comparative study of Fe(Se,Te) thin films on flexible coated conductor templates and single-crystal substratesArtikel Article 2021
14Adams, K ; Iliffe, W ; Nicholls, R J ; He, G ; Diaz-Moreno, S ; Mosselmans, F. ; Fischer, D. X. ; Eisterer, M ; Grovenor, C R M ; Speller, S C Comparing neutron and helium ion irradiation damage of REBa₂Cu₃O7−δcoated conductor using x-ray absorption spectroscopyArticle Artikel 17-Mar-2023
15Wisniewski, A. ; Puzniak, R. ; Judek, J. ; Krutzler, C. ; Eisterer, Michael ; Weber, Harald W. ; Jun, J. ; Kazakov, S. M. ; Karpinski, J. Comparison of the influence of carbon substitution and neutron-induced defects on the upper critical field and flux pinning in MgB₂ single crystalsArtikel Article2007
16Eisterer, M ; Emhofer, J ; Sorta, S ; Zehetmayer, M ; Weber, H W Connectivity and critical currents in polycrystalline MgB₂Artikel Article2009
17Eisterer, M ; Mishev, V ; Zehetmayer, M ; Zhigadlo, N D ; Katrych, S ; Karpinski, J Critical current anisotropy in Nd-1111 single crystals and the influence of neutron irradiationArtikel Article2014
18Lao, M ; Bernardi, J ; Bauer, M ; Eisterer, M Critical current anisotropy of GdBCO tapes grown on ISD-MgO buffered substrateArtikel Article2015
19Kováč, P ; Hušek, I ; Melišek, T ; Kopera, L ; Reissner, M Cu stabilized MgB2 composite wire with an NbTi barrierArtikel Article2010
20Eisterer, M ; Moon, S H ; Freyhardt, H C Current developments in HTSC coated conductors for applicationsArtikel Article 2016