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Theoretical Computer Science
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1Wallner, Michael A bijection of plane increasing trees with relaxed binary trees of right height at most oneArtikel Article 2019
2Kuba, Markus ; Panholzer, Alois A combinatorial approach to the analysis of bucket recursive treesArtikel Article2010
3Hetzl, Stefan ; Leitsch, Alexander ; Reis, Giselle ; Weller, Daniel Algorithmic introduction of quantified cutsArtikel Article2014
4Genitrini, Antoine ; Gittenberger, Bernhard ; Kraus, Veronika ; Mailler, Cécile Associative and commutative tree representations for Boolean functionsArtikel Article2015
5Gupta, Sushmita ; Roy, Sanjukta ; Saurabh, Saket ; Zehavi, Meirav Balanced stable marriage: How close is close enough?Artikel Article 2021
6Baaz, Matthias ; Hetzl, Stefan ; Leitsch, Alexander ; Richter, Clemens ; Spohr, Hendrik CERES: An analysis of Fürstenberg's proof of the infinity of primesArtikel Article2008
7Holzer, Andreas ; Schallhart, Christian ; Tautschnig, Michael ; Veith, Helmut Closure properties and complexity of rational sets of regular languagesArtikel Article2015
8Kreutzer, Stephan ; Ordyniak, Sebastian Complexity and monotonicity results for domination gamesArtikel Article 2016
9Hermann, Miki ; Pichler, Reinhard Complexity of Counting the Optimal SolutionArtikel Article2009
10Freund, Rudolf ; Kari, Lila ; Oswald, Marion ; Sosik, Petr Computationally Universal P Systems without Priorities: Two Catalysts are SufficientArtikel Article2005
11Alhazov, Artiom ; Ivanov, Sergui ; Freund, Rudolf ; Ivanov, Sergiu ; Siromoney, Rani ; Subramanian, K.G. Contextual array grammars with matrix control, regular control languages, and tissue P systems controlArtikel Article 2017
12Fleischner, Herbert ; Mujuni, Egbert ; Paulusma, Daniël ; Szeider, Stefan Covering graphs with few complete bipartite subgraphsArtikel Article2009
13Ciabattoni, Agata ; Metcalfe, George Density eliminationArtikel Article2008
14Kreutzer, Stephan ; Ordyniak, Sebastian Digraph decompositions and monotonicity in digraph searchingArtikel Article2011
15Baaz, Matthias ; Lolic, Anela First-order interpolation derived from propositional interpolationArtikel Article 2020
16Baaz, Matthias ; Ciabattoni, Agata ; Preining, Norbert First-order satisfiability in Gödel logics: an NP-complete fragmentArtikel Article 2011
17Gottlob-2023-Theoretical Computer Science-vor.pdf.jpgGottlob, Georg ; Lanzinger, Matthias ; Pichler, Reinhard ; Razgon, Igor Fractional covers of hypergraphs with bounded multi-intersectionArticle Artikel 10-Nov-2023
18Das, Shantanu ; Focardi, Riccardo ; Luccio, Flaminia L. ; Markou, Euripides ; Squarcina, Marco Gathering of robots in a ring with mobile faultsArtikel Article 2019
19Bandyapadhyay, Sayan ; Banik, Aritra ; Bhore, Sujoy ; Nöllenburg, Martin Geometric planar networks on bichromatic collinear pointsArtikel Article 2021
20Biely, Martin ; Robinson, Peter ; Schmid, Ulrich ; Schwarz, Manfred ; Winkler, Kyrill Gracefully degrading consensus and k-set agreement in directed dynamic networksArtikel Article 2018