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1Musialski, Przemyslaw ; Cui, Ming ; Ye, Jieping ; Razdan, Anshuman ; Wonka, Peter A Framework for Interactive Image Color EditingArtikel Article 2012
2Kan Peter - 2019 - DeepLight light source estimation for augmented reality using...pdf.jpgKán, Peter ; Kaufmann, Hannes DeepLight: light source estimation for augmented reality using deep learningArticle Artikel 2019
3Vucini, Erald ; Möller, Torsten ; Gröller, Eduard Efficient Reconstruction from Non-uniform Point SetsArtikel Article2008
4Wallner, Johannes ; Pottmann, Helmut ; Hofer, Michael Fair websArtikel Article2007
5Tschiedel-2022-The Visual Computer International Journal of Computer Grap...-vor.pdf.jpgTschiedel, Michael ; Russold, Michael Friedrich ; Kaniusas, Eugenijus ; Vincze, Markus Real-time limb tracking in single depth images based on circle matching and line fittingArtikel Article Aug-2022
6Luksch, Christian ; Tobler, Robert ; Mühlbacher, Thomas ; Schwärzler, Michael Bernhard ; Wimmer, Michael Real-Time Rendering of Glossy Materials with Regular SamplingArtikel Article 2014
7Ortner Thomas - 2016 - Visual analytics and rendering for tunnel crack analysis...pdf.jpgOrtner, Thomas ; Sorger, Johannes ; Piringer, Harald ; Hesina, Gerd ; Gröller, Eduard Visual analytics and rendering for tunnel crack analysis : a methodological approach for integrating geometric and attribute dataArticle Artikel 11-May-2016
8Kroesl Katharina - 2018 - A VR-based user study on the effects of vision...pdf.jpgKrösl, Katharina ; Bauer, Dominik ; Schwärzler, Michael ; Fuchs, Henry ; Suter, Georg ; Wimmer, Michael A VR-based user study on the effects of vision impairments on recognition distances of escape-route signs in buildingsArticle Artikel 2018