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Waste Management
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1Huber, Florian ; Blasenbauer, Dominik ; Aschenbrenner, Philipp ; Fellner, Johann Complete determination of the material composition of municipal solid waste incineration bottom ashArtikel Article2020
2Fricko, Nora ; Brandstätter, Christian ; Fellner, Johann Enduring reduction of carbon and nitrogen emissions from landfills due to aeration?Artikel Article2021
3Roithner, Caroline ; Rechberger, Helmut Implementing the dimension of quality into the conventional quantitative definition of recycling ratesArtikel Article2020
4Blasenbauer, Dominik ; Huber, Florian ; Lederer, Jakob ; Quina, Margarida J. ; Blanc-Biscarat, Denise ; Bogush, Anna ; Bontempi, Elza ; Blondeau, Julien ; Chimenos, Josep Maria ; Dahlbo, Helena ; Fagerqvist, Johan ; Giro-Paloma, Jessica ; Hjelmar, Ole ; Hyks, Jiri ; Keaney, Jackie ; Lapsea-Toader, Maria ; O´Caollai, Caterine Joyce ; Orupõld, Kaja ; Pajak, Tadeusz ; Simon, Franz-Gorg ; Svecova, Lenka ; Syc, Michal ; Ulvang, Roy ; Vaajasaari, Kati ; Van Caneghem, Jo ; Van Zomerren, Andre ; Vasarevicius, Saulius ; Wégner, Krisztina ; Fellner, Johann Legal situation and current practice of waste incineration bottom ash utilisation in EuropeArtikel Article2020
5Flores-Orozco, A. ; Gallistl, J. ; Steiner, M. ; Brandstätter, C. ; Fellner, J. Mapping biogeochemically active zones in landfills with induced polarization imaging: The Heferlbach landfillArtikel Article2020
6Huber, Florian Modelling of material recovery from waste incineration bottom ashArtikel Article2020
7Brandstätter, Christian ; Prantl, Roman ; Fellner, Johann Performance assessment of landfill in-situ aeration - A case studyArtikel Article2020
8Fellner, Johann ; Schwarzböck, Therese Performance impairment of Waste to Energy plants during waste delivery times - An analysis of relevant operating parameterArtikel Article2021
9Steiner, Matthias ; Katona, Timea ; Fellner, Johann ; Flores Orozco, Adrián Quantitative water content estimation in landfills through joint inversion of seismic refraction and electrical resistivity data considering surface conductionArticle Artikel 15-Jul-2022
10Fellner, Johann ; Lederer, Jakob Recycling rate - The only practical metric for a circular economy?Artikel Article2020
11Schuch, Dieter ; Lederer, Jakob ; Fellner, Johann ; Scharff, Christoph Separate collection rates for plastic packaging in Austria - A regional analysis taking collection systems and urbanization into accountArticle Artikel 1-Jan-2023
12Karaagac, Erdal ; Koch, Thomas ; Archodoulaki, Vasiliki-Maria The effect of PP contamination in recycled high-density polyethylene (rPE-HD) from post-consumer bottle waste and their compatibilization with olefin block copolymer (OBC)Artikel Article2021
13Petranikova, M. ; Tkaczyk, A.H. ; Bartl, A. ; Amato, A. ; Lapkovskis, V. ; Tunsu, C. Vanadium sustainability in the context of innovative recycling and sourcing developmentArtikel Article2020
14Lederer, Jakob ; Syc, Michal ; Simon, Franz-Georg ; Quina, Margarida ; Hyks, Jiri ; Huber, Florian ; Funari, Valerio ; Fellner, Johann ; Braga, Roberto ; Bontempi, Elza ; Bogush, Anna ; Blasenbauer, Dominik What waste management can learn from the traditional mining sector: Towards an integrated assessment and reporting of anthropogenic resourcesArtikel Article2020