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1Chamem, Oumaima ; Fellner, Johann ; Zairi, Moncef Ammonia inhibition of waste degradation in landfills - A possible consequence of leachate recirculation in arid climatesArtikel Article 2020
2Skutan, Stefan ; Aschenbrenner, Philipp Analysis of total copper, cadmium and lead in refuse-derived fuels (RDF): study on analytical errors using synthetic samplesArtikel Article2012
3Allesch, Astrid ; Brunner, Paul H Assessment methods for solid waste management: a literature reviewArtikel Article2014
4Larsen, Anna W. ; Fuglsang, Karsten ; Pedersen, Niels H. ; Fellner, Johann ; Rechberger, Helmut ; Astrup, Thomas F. Biogenic carbon in combustible waste: Waste composition, variability and measurement uncertaintyArtikel Article2013
5Brunner, Paul H. Clean cycles and safe final sinksArtikel Article2010
6Stanisavljevic, Nemanja ; Brunner, Paul H Combination of material flow analysis and substance flow analysis: A powerful approach for decision support in waste managementArtikel Article2014
7Brunner, Paul H Cycles, spirals and linear flowsArtikel Article2013
8Obermoser, Martin ; Fellner, Johann ; Rechberger, Helmut Determination of reliable CO2 emission factors for waste-to-energy plantsArtikel Article2009
9Schwarzböck, Therese ; Van Eygen, Emile ; Rechberger, Helmut ; Fellner, Johann Determining the amount of waste plastics in the feed of Austrian waste-to-energy facilitiesArtikel Article 2016
10Brunner, Paul H ; Tjell, Jens Christian Do we need sinks?Artikel Article2012
11Laner, David ; Fellner, Johann ; Brunner, Paul H Environmental compatibility of closed landfills - assessing future pollution hazardsArtikel Article2011
12Piribauer, Benjamin ; Bartl, Andreas ; Ipsmiller, Wolfgang Enzymatic textile recycling - best practices and outlookArtikel Article 2021
13Bartl, Andreas ; Ipsmiller, Wolfgang Fast fashion and the Circular Economy: Symbiosis or antibiosis?Article Artikel2023
14Warrings, Rainer ; Fellner, Johann How to increase recycling rates. The case of aluminium packaging in AustriaArtikel Article 2021
15Brunner, Paul H ; Unterberger, Astrid ; Fellner, Johann Improving waste management by focussing on goals: A mini review of the publication sectorArticle Artikel 5-Jun-2023
16Frikha, Youssef ; Fellner, Johann ; Zairi, Moncef Leachate generation from landfill in a semi-arid climate: A qualitative and quantitative study from Sousse, TunisiaArtikel Article 2017
17Fellner, Johann ; Cencic, Oliver ; Zellinger, Günter ; Rechberger, Helmut Long term analysis of the biomass content in the feed of a waste-to-energy plant with oxygen-enriched combustion airArtikel Article2011
18Warrings, R ; Fellner, J Management of aluminium packaging waste in selected European countriesArtikel Article 2019
19Boschmeier-2023-Waste Management  Research-vor.pdf.jpgBoschmeier, Emanuel ; Ipsmiller, Wolfgang ; Bartl, Andreas Market assessment to improve fibre recycling within the EU textile sectorArticle Artikel 2023
20Stanisavljevic, Nemanja ; Brunner, Paul H Megacities need both: Circular economy and final sinks!Artikel Article 2021