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1Eraslan, Ahmet Nedim ; Arslan, Eray A concise analytical treatment of elastic-plastic bending of a strain hardening curved beamArtikel Article2008
2Shevchenko, Igor ; Kaltenbacher, Manfred ; Wohlmuth, Barbara I. A multi-time stepping integration method for the ultrasonic heating problemArtikel Article2012
3Suhir, Ephraim ; Gschohsmann, Walter ; Nicolics, Johann Analysis of a bi-material stripArtikel Article2012
4Suhir, Ephraim ; Gschohsmann, Walter ; Nicolics, Johann Analysis of an elongated stretched strip, with application to a strain-gage electrical sensor designArtikel Article2011
5Suhir, E. ; Gschohsmann, W. ; Nicolics, J. Analysis of an elongated stretched strip, with application to a strain-gage electrical sensor designArtikel Article2010
6Auzinger, Winfried ; Frank, Reinhard Asymptotische Fehlerentwicklungen bei steifen Differentialgleichungen: Ergebnisse und numerische VerifikationArtikel Article1989
7Suhir, Ephraim ; Nicolics, Johann Bending of a bi-material cantilever beam, with consideration of the role of the interfacial shearing stressArtikel Article2012
8Kuhlmann, Hendrik Book review on Theory and Computation in Hydrodynamic StabilityArtikel Article2005
9Schmidrathner, Christian Buckling of a clamped strip-like beam with a linear pre-stress distributionArtikel Article 2020
10Schneider, Wilhelm Comments on M. Miclavcic and C.Y. Wang. - Completely passive natural convection, ZAMM 91/7, 601-606 (2011)Artikel Article2011
11Zisowsky, Andrea ; Arnold, Anton ; Ehrhardt, Matthias ; Koprucki, Thomas Discrete Transparent Bouundary Conditions for transient kp-Schrödinger Equations with Applications to Quantum-HeteostructuresArtikel Article2005
12Auzinger, Winfried ; Frank, Reinhard ; Macsek, Franz Fehlerstrukturen bei steifen DifferentialgleichungenArtikel Article1989
13Achleitner, Franz ; Arnold, Anton ; Mehrmann, Volker Hypocoercivity and controllability in linear semi-dissipative Hamiltonian ordinary differential equations and differential-algebraic equationsArtikel Article Jul-2023
14Morin, Claire ; Avril, Stéphane ; Hellmich, Christian Non-Affine Fiber Kinematics in Arterial Mechanics: A Continuum Micromechanical InvestigationArtikel Article 2018
15Schmidrathner, Christian ; Vetyukov, Yury ; Scheidl, Jakob Non-material finite element rod model for the lateral run-off in a two-pulley belt driveArtikel Article 2021
16Mang, Herbert A. ; Höfinger, Gerhard ; Jia, Xin On the Predictability of Zero-Stiffness PostbucklingArtikel Article2010
17Bader, T.K. ; Hofstetter, K. ; Hellmich, C. ; Eberhardsteiner, J. Poromechanical Scale Transitions of Failure Stresses in Wood: From the Lignin to the Spruce LevelArtikel Article2010
18Haskul, Mehmet ; Arslan, Eray ; Mack, Werner Radial heating of a thick-walled cylindrically curved FGM-panelArtikel Article 2017
19Müllner, Markus Solutions of an extended KdV equation describing single stationary waves with strong or weak downstream decay in turbulent open-channel flowArtikel Article 2018
20Kuhlmann, Hendrik ; Albensoeder, Stefan Strained vortices in driven cavitiesArtikel Article2005