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European Transport Research Review
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1Laa, Barbara ; Shibayama, Takeru ; Brezina, Tadej ; Schönfelder, Stefan ; Damjanovic, Dragana ; Szalai, Elke ; Hammel, Manuel A nationwide mobility service guarantee for Austria: possible design scenarios and implicationsArtikel Article 2022
2López, Elena ; Monzón, Andrés ; Pfaffenbichler, Paul C. Assessment of energy efficiency and sustainability scenarios in the transport systemArtikel Article2012
3Emberger Guenter - 2017 - Challenges in the development of national policies on...pdf.jpgEmberger, Günter ; May, Anthony D. Challenges in the development of national policies on transportArticle Artikel 14-Nov-2017
4Shibayama-2023-European Transport Research Review-vor.pdf.jpgShibayama, Takeru ; Emberger, Günter Ensuring sustainable mobility in urban periphery, rural areas and remote regionsArticle Artikel 14-Apr-2023
5Figenbaum, Erik ; Fearnley, Nils ; Pfaffenbichler, Paul ; Hjorthol, Randi ; Kolbenstvedt, Marika ; Jellinek, Reinhard ; Emmerling, Bettina ; Bonnema, G. Maarten ; Ramjerdi, Farideh ; Vågane, Liva ; Iversen, Lykke Møller Increasing the competitiveness of e-vehicles in EuropeArtikel Article 2015
6Shibayama Takeru - 2017 - Japans transport planning at national level natural...pdf.jpgShibayama, Takeru Japan’s transport planning at national level, natural disasters, and their interplaysArticle Artikel 4-Aug-2017
7Bauer, Dietmar ; Tulic, Mirsad ; Scherrer, Wolfgang Modelling travel time uncertainty in urban networks based on floating taxi dataArtikel Article 2019
8Emberger Guenter - 2017 - National transport policy in Austria - from its...pdf.jpgEmberger, Günter National transport policy in Austria – from its beginning till todayArticle Artikel 24-Jan-2017
9Schöbel, Andreas ; Maly, Thomas Operational fault states in railwaysArtikel Article2012