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Value in Health
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1Miksch, Florian ; Urach, Christoph ; Zauner, Günther ; Schiller-Frühwirth, I. ; Endel, Gottfried ; Einzinger, Patrick ; Popper, Nikolas How agent-based models reveal the dynamic of epidemics - a case study on influenzaArtikel ArticleNov-2012
2Urach, Christoph ; Piringer, H. ; Popper, Nikolas ; Breitenecker, Felix Parallel sets as interfactive visualization approach ior analyzing markov modelsArtikel Article2012
3Jahn, B. ; Kurzthaler, C. ; Chhatwal, J. ; Elbasha, E. ; Conrads-Frank, A. ; Rochau, U. ; Sroczynski, G. ; Urach, C. ; Bundo, M. ; Popper, N. ; Siebert, U. PCN446 A Case Study Of Breast Cancer Treatment Demonstrating The Impact Of Time Dependent Transition Probability Adjustments On Comparative Cost EffectivenessArtikel Article 2019
4Urach, Christoph ; Zauner, Günther ; Wilbacher, I. ; Endel, G. ; Miksch, Florian ; Breitenecker, Felix PCV165 - Assessing the Impact of Organized Screening for Abdominal Aorta Aneurysms in Austria – Following Eunethta Core InformationArtikel Article 22-Oct-2013
5Zechmeister, Ingrid ; Schnell-Inderst, P. ; Zauner, Günther PRM95 - Appropriate Evidence Sources for Populating Decision Analytic Models Within Health Technology Assessment (HTA): A Systematic Review of HTA Manuals and Health Economic GuidelinesArtikel Article 22-Oct-2013