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Applied Thermal Engineering
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1Dullinger, Christian ; Struckl, Walter ; Kozek, Martin A general approach for mixed-integer predictive control of HVAC systems using MILPArtikel Article 2018
2Dullinger, Christian ; Struckl, Walter ; Kozek, Martin A modular thermal simulation tool for computing energy consumption of HVAC units in rail vehiclesArtikel Article 2015
3Beck, Anton ; Hofmann, René A sequential approach for integration of multiple thermal energy storages with fixed mass and variable temperatureArtikel Article 2019
4Pfeffer, Martin ; Wukovits, Walter ; Beckmann, Georg ; Friedl, Anton Analysis and decrease of the energy demand of bioethanol-production by process integrationArtikel Article2007
5Emhofer, J. ; Beladi, Behnaz ; Dudzinski, Piotr ; Fleckl, Thomas ; Kuhlmann, Hendrik Analysis of a cross-flow liquid-desiccant falling-filmArtikel Article 2017
6Modarresi, Ala ; Wukovits, Walter ; Friedl, Anton Application of exergy balances for evaluation of process configurations for biological hydrogen productionArtikel Article2010
7Miltner, Martin ; Jordan, Christian ; Harasek, Michael CFD simulation of straight and slightly swirling turbulent free jets using different RANS-turbulence modelsArtikel Article2015
8Pernsteiner, Dominik ; Kasper, Lukas ; Schirrer, Alexander ; Hofmann, René ; Jakubek, Stefan Co-simulation methodology of a hybrid latent-heat thermal energy storage unitArtikel Article 2020
9Bösch, Peter ; Modarresi, Ala ; Friedl, Anton Comparison of combined ethanol and biogas polygeneration facilities using exergy analysisArtikel Article2012
10Pernsteiner, Dominik ; Schirrer, Alexander ; Kasper, Lukas ; Hofmann, René ; Jakubek, Stefan Data-based model reduction for phase change problems with convective heat transferArtikel Article 2021
11Korjenic, Azra ; Bednar, Thomas Development and validation of a new method for determining humidification and dehumidification needsArtikel Article2012
12Hofstädter, Raphael ; Amaya, Jorge ; Kozek, Martin Energy optimal control of thermal comfort in tramsArtikel Article Oct-2018
13Gul, Saeed ; Harasek, Michael Energy saving in sugar manufacturing through the integration of environmental friendly new membrane processes fot thin juice pre-concentrationArtikel Article2012
14Fallmann-2023-Applied Thermal Engineering-vor.pdf.jpgFallmann, Markus ; Lösch, Maximilian ; Poks, Agnes ; Kozek, Martin Energy-efficient hybrid model predictive control of mobile refrigeration systemsArticle Artikel 25-Nov-2023
15Poks-2023-Applied Thermal Engineering-vor.pdf.jpgPoks, Agnes ; Fallmann, Markus ; Fink, Lorenz Florian ; Rinnofner, Lukas ; Kozek, Martin Fault detection and isolation for a secondary loop refrigeration systemArticle Artikel 5-Jun-2023
16Walter, H. ; Hofmann, R. How can the heat transfer correlations for finned-tubes influence the numerical simulation of the dynamic behavior of a heat recovery steam generator?Artikel Article2011
17Fallmann, Markus ; Poks, Agnes ; Kozek, Martin Hybrid model-based online estimation of air temperature in mobile small-scale cooling chambersArtikel Article 2022
18Makaruk, Aleksander ; Miltner, Martin ; Harasek, Michael Membrane gas permeation in the upgrading of renewable hydrogen from biomass steam gasification gasesArtikel Article2012
19Luchini, Elisabeth ; Radler, Dominik ; Ritzberger, Daniel ; Jakubek, Stefan ; Kozek, Martin Model predictive temperature control and ageing estimation for an insulated cool boxArtikel Article 2018
20Luchini, Elisabeth ; Kitanoski, Filip ; Kozek, Martin Multi-objective optimization of the operational modes for redundant refrigeration circuitsArtikel Article 2017