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1Dorfmeister, M. ; Schneider, M. ; Schmid, U. 3D characterisation of piezoelectric bistable MEMS membranes during switchingArtikel Article 2019
2Kashanian, F. ; Kokkinis, G. ; Bernardi, J. ; Zand, M.R. ; Shamloo, A. ; Giouroudi, I. A novel magnetic microfluidic platform for on-chip separation of 3 types of silica coated magnetic nanoparticles (Fe₃O₄@SiO₂)Artikel Article 2018
3Jakoby, Bernhard ; Klinger, Franz Peter ; Svasek, Peter A novel microacoustic viscosity sensor providing integrated sample temperature controlArtikel Article 2005
4Schmid, U. A Robust Flow Sensor for High Pressure Automotive ApplicationsArtikel Article2002
5Fricke, S. ; Friedberger, A. ; Seidel, H. ; Schmid, U. A robust pressure sensor for harsh environmental applicationsArtikel Article2012
6Elefsiniotis, A. ; Kokorakis, N. ; Becker, T. ; Schmid, U. A thermoelectric-based energy harvesting module with extended operational temperature range for powering autonomous wireless sensor nodes in aircraftArtikel Article2014
7Reichel, E. K. ; Riesch, Christian ; Weiss, B. ; Jakoby, Bernhard A vibrating membrance rheometer utilizing electromagnetic excitationArtikel Article 2008
8Alasatri, Suresh ; Schneider, Michael ; Mirwald, Johannes ; Hofko, Bernhard ; Schmid, Ulrich Accuracy and Precision of Resonant Piezoelectric Mems Viscosity Sensors in Highly Viscous Bituminous MaterialsArticle Artikel 2022
9Kainz, Andreas Franz Hubert ; Hortschitz, W. ; Steiner, Harald ; Schalko, Johannes ; Jachimowicz, Artur ; Keplinger, Franz Accurate Analytical Model for Air Damping in Lateral MEMS/MOEMS OscillatorsArtikel Article 2017
10Kainz, A. ; Hortschitz, W. ; Schalko, J. ; Jachimowicz, A. ; Keplinger, F. Air damping as design feature in lateral oscillatorsArtikel Article2015
11Kwon-2023-Sensors and Actuators A Physical-vor.pdf.jpgKwon, MinHee ; Ignat, Ioan ; Platz, Daniel ; Arthaber, Holger ; Schmid, Ulrich Aluminum nitride surface acoustic wave resonators with high Qf product by optical lithographyArticle Artikel 1-Nov-2023
12Antlinger, Hannes ; Clara, Stefan ; Beigelbeck, Roman ; Cerimovic, Samir ; Keplinger, Franz ; Jakoby, Bernhard An acoustic transmission sensor for the longitudinal viscosity of fluidsArtikel Article 2013
13Moscelli, Nicola ; van den Driesche, Sander ; Witarski, Wojciech ; Pastorekova, Silvia ; Vellekoop, Michael J. An imaging system for real-time monitoring of adherently grown cellsArtikel Article2011
14Haefliger, Daniel ; Muhenchinger, Marc ; Schitter, Georg ; Stemmer, A. An integrated piezo-acoustic shear-force distance sensor with nanometer resolution for a micropipette toolArtikel Article2003
15Reichel, E. K. ; Riesch, Christian ; Keplinger, Franz ; Kirschhock, C. ; Jakoby, Bernhard Analysis and experimental verification of a metallic suspended plate resonator for viscosity sensingArtikel Article 2010
16Reitterer, Jörg ; Fidler, Franz ; Schmid, Gerhard ; Hambeck, Christian ; Saint Julien-Wallsee, Ferdinand ; Leeb, Walter ; Schmid, Ulrich Beam-clipping-induced diffraction effects in MEMS laser scanners for autostereoscopic outdoor displaysArtikel Article2015
17Mayrhofer, P.M. ; Euchner, H. ; Bittner, A. ; Schmid, U. Circular test structure for the determination of piezoelectric constants of ScxAl1−xN thin films applying Laser Doppler Vibrometry and FEM simulationsArtikel Article 2015
18Mündlein, Martin ; Valentin, Bernhard ; Chabicovsky, Rupert ; Nicolics, Johann ; Weremczuk, J. ; Tarapata, G. ; Jachowicz, R. Comparison of transepidermal water loss (TEWL) measurements with two novel sensors based on different sensing principlesArtikel Article 2008
19Traxler, Stefan ; Kosel, Jürgen ; Pfützner, Helmut ; Kaniusas, Eugenijus ; Mehnen, Lars ; Giouroudi, Ioanna Contactless dlow detection with magnetostrictive bilayersArtikel Article2008
20Glatzl, Thomas ; Steiner, Harald ; Kohl, Franz ; Sauter, Thilo ; Keplinger, Franz Development of an air flow sensor for heating, ventilating, and airconditioning systems based on printed circuit board technologyArtikel Article 2016