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1Brewka Gerhard - 2017 - Abstract Dialectical Frameworks An Overview.pdf.jpgBrewka, Gerhard ; Ellmauthaler, Stefan ; Strass, Hannes ; Wallner, Johannes P. ; Woltran, Stefan Abstract Dialectical Frameworks. An OverviewArticle Artikel 2017
2Cerutti Federico - 2017 - Foundations of Implementations for Formal...pdf.jpgCerutti, Federico ; Gaggl, Sarah A. ; Thimm, Matthias ; Wallner, Johannes Foundations of Implementations for Formal ArgumentationArticle Artikel 2017
3Bikakis, Antonis ; Cohen, Andrea ; Dvorak, Wolfgang ; Flouris, Giorgos ; Parsons, Simon Joint Attacks and Accrual in Argumentation FrameworksArtikel Article 2021
4Kuznets-2021-Journal of Applied Logics-vor.pdf.jpgKuznets, Roman ; Marin, Sonia ; Straßburger, Lutz Justification logic for constructive modal logicArticle Artikel Sep-2021
5Eiter, Thomas ; Lembo, Domenico PrefaceArtikel Article2005
6Arieli, Ofer ; Zamansky, Anna Simplified forms of computerized reasoning with distance semanticsArtikel Article2011
7Kovács, Laura ; Kutsia, Temur Special issue on Automated Specification and Verification of Web SystemsArtikel Article2012