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1Schlappal, Thomas ; Kalliauer, Johannes  ; Vill, Markus ; Mang, Herbert ; Eberhardsteiner, Josef  ; Pichler, Bernhard  Ultimate limits of reinforced concrete hingesArticle Artikel 1-Dec-2020
2Zhang Jiaolong - 2020 - Transfer relations useful basisfor computer-aided...pdf.jpgZhang, Jiaolong ; Liu, Xian ; Yuan, Yong ; Mang, Herbert ; Pichler, Bernhard  Transfer relations: useful basisfor computer-aided engineeringof circular arch structuresArticle Artikel 30-Oct-2020
3Murin Justin - 2018 - Torsional warping eigenmodes of FGM beams with...pdf.jpgMurin, Justin ; Aminbaghai, Mehdi; Hrabovsky, Juraj ; Balduzzi, Giuseppe; Dorn, Michael ; Mang, Herbert A. Torsional warping eigenmodes of FGM beams with longitudinally varying material propertiesArticle Artikel2018
4Mercuri, Valentina ; Balduzzi, Giuseppe; Asprone, Domenico ; Auricchio, FerdinandoStructural analysis of non-prismatic beams: critical issues, accurate stress recovery, and analytical definition of the Finite Element (FE) stiffness matrixArticle Artikel2020
5Balduzzi Giuseppe - 2017 - Stress recovery from one dimensional models for...pdf.jpgBalduzzi, Giuseppe; Hochreiner, Georg; Füssl, JosefStress recovery from one dimensional models for tapered bi-symmetric thin-walled I beams: Deficiencies in modern engineering tools and proceduresArticle Artikel2017
6Scheiner Stefan - 2016 - Strength increase during ceramic biomaterial-induced...pdf.jpgScheiner, Stefan; Komlev, Vladimir S. ; Hellmich, ChristianStrength increase during ceramic biomaterial-induced bone regeneration: a micromechanical studyArticle Artikel2016
7Schlappal, Thomas; Kalliauer, Johannes; Vill, Markus; Gmainer, Susanne; Mang, Herbert A. ; Eberhardsteiner, Josef ; Pichler, BernhardServiceability Limits of Reinforced Concrete HingesArticle Artikel2020
8Balduzzi Giuseppe - 2017 - Serviceability Analysis of Non-Prismatic Timber Beams...pdf.jpgBalduzzi, Giuseppe; Hochreiner, Georg; Füssl, Josef; Auricchio, FerdinandoServiceability Analysis of Non-Prismatic Timber Beams: Derivation and Validation of New and Effective Straightforward FormulasArticle Artikel2017
9Damrongwiriyanupap Nattapong - 2017 - Self-Consistent Channel Approach for...pdf.jpgDamrongwiriyanupap, Nattapong ; Scheiner, Stefan; Pichler, Bernhard; Hellmich, ChristianSelf-Consistent Channel Approach for Upscaling Chloride Diffusivity in Cement PastesArticle Artikel2017
10Aminbaghai Mehdi - 2017 - Second-order torsional warping theory considering the...pdf.jpgAminbaghai, Mehdi; Murin, Justin; Balduzzi, Giuseppe; Hrabovsky, Juraj ; Hochreiner, Georg; Mang, Herbert A. Second-order torsional warping theory considering the secondary torsion-moment deformation-effectArticle Artikel2017
11Pichler Bernhard - 2016 - Rubber friction on ice experiments and modeling.pdf.jpgPichler, Bernhard; Lahayne, Olaf; Reihsner, Roland; Eberhardsteiner, Josef ; Suh, Jongbeom ; Kim, Dongsub ; Nam, Seungkuk ; Paek, Hanseung ; Lorenz, Boris ; Persson, Bo N.J. Rubber friction on ice: experiments and modelingArticle Artikel2016
12Balduzzi Giuseppe - 2017 - Planar Timoshenko-like model for multilayer...pdf.jpgBalduzzi, Giuseppe; Aminbaghai, Mehdi ; Auricchio, Ferdinando ; Füssl, JosefPlanar Timoshenko-like model for multilayer non-prismatic beamsArticle Artikel2017
13Zhang Jiao-Long - 2019 - On a nonlinear hybrid method for multiscale analysis of...pdf.jpgZhang, Jiao-Long ; Mang, Herbert A.; Liu, Xian ; Yuan, Yong On a nonlinear hybrid method for multiscale analysis of a bearing-capacity test of a real-scale segmental tunnel ringArticle Artikel2019
14Pavlicek Stefan - 2014 - Numerical Solution of the Consistently Linearized...pdf.jpgPavlicek, Stefan ; Jia, Xin; Mang, Herbert A.Numerical Solution of the Consistently Linearized Eigenproblem by Means of a Finite Difference Expression for Approximation of a Directional Derivative in MSC.MARCArticle Artikel2014
15Diaz Rodrigo - 2018 - Numerical Analysis of a Moderate Fire inside a Segment of...pdf.jpgDiaz, Rodrigo ; Wang, Hui; Mang, Herbert; Yuan, Yong; Pichler, Bernhard Numerical Analysis of a Moderate Fire inside a Segment of a Subway StationArticle Artikel2018
16Balduzzi Giuseppe - 2017 - Non-prismatic Timoshenko-like beam model Numerical...pdf.jpgBalduzzi, Giuseppe; Morganti, Simone ; Auricchio, Ferdinando; Reali, Alessandro Non-prismatic Timoshenko-like beam model: Numerical solution via isogeometric collocationArticle Artikel2017
17Balduzzi Giuseppe - 2016 - Non-prismatic Beams a Simple and Effective...pdf.jpgBalduzzi, Giuseppe; Aminbaghai, Mehdi; Sacco, Elio; Füssl, Josef; Eberhardsteiner, Josef ; Auricchio, FerdinandoNon-prismatic Beams: a Simple and Effective Timoshenko-like ModelArticle Artikel2016
18Auricchio Ferdinando - 2010 - A new modeling approach for planar beams...pdf.jpgAuricchio, Ferdinando; Balduzzi, Giuseppe; Lovadina, CarloA new modeling approach for planar beams: finite-element solutions based on mixed variational derivationsArticle Artikel2010
19Wang Hui - 2019 - Multiscale Thermoelastic Analysis of the Thermal Expansion...pdf.jpgWang, Hui ; Mang, Herbert; Yuan, Yong ; Pichler, Bernhard L. Multiscale Thermoelastic Analysis of the Thermal Expansion Coefficient and of Microscopic Thermal Stresses of Mature ConcreteArticle Artikel2019
20Wang Hui - 2018 - Multiscale structural analysis inspired by exceptional load...pdf.jpgWang, Hui; Binder, Eva ; Mang, Herbert; Yuan, Yong; Pichler, Bernhard Multiscale structural analysis inspired by exceptional load cases concerning the immersed tunnel of the Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao BridgeArticle Artikel2018