Forschungsbereich Autonomous Systems

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E384-03 - Forschungsbereich Autonomous Systems
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Research Division
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1Eiband, Thomas ; Liebl, Johanna ; Willibald, Christoph ; Lee, Dongheui Online task segmentation by merging symbolic and data-driven skill recognition during kinesthetic teachingArticle Artikel Apr-2023
2Caporali, Alessio ; Pantano, Matteo ; Janisch, Lucas ; Regulin, Daniel ; Palli, Gianluca ; Lee, Dongheui A Weakly Supervised Semi-Automatic Image Labeling Approach for Deformable Linear ObjectsArticle Artikel Feb-2023
3Yang, Chenguang ; Luo, Shan ; Lepora, Nathan ; Ficuciello, Fanny ; Lee, Dongheui ; Wan, Weiwei ; Su, Chun-Yi Biomimetic Perception, Cognition, and Control: From Nature to Robots [From the Guest Editors]Article Artikel7-Dec-2022
4Eiband, Thomas ; Willibald, Christoph ; Tannert, Isabel ; Weber, Bernhard ; Lee, Dongheui Collaborative programming of robotic task decisions and recovery behaviorsArticle Artikel 31-Oct-2022
5Mascaro, Esteve Valls ; Shuo Ma ; Ahn Hyemin ; Lee, Dongheui Robust Human Motion Forecasting using Transformer-based ModelInproceedings Konferenzbeitrag23-Oct-2022
6Pantano, Matteo ; Yang, Qiaoyue ; Blumberg, Adrian ; Reisch, Raven ; Hauser, Tobias ; Lutz, Benjamin ; Regulin, Daniel ; Kamps, Tobias ; Traganos, Konstantinos ; Lee, Dongheui Influence of task decision autonomy on physical ergonomics and robot performances in an industrial human-robot collaboration scenarioArticle Artikel 27-Sep-2022
7Pantano, Matteo ; Eiband, Thomas ; Lee, Dongheui Capability-based Frameworks for Industrial Robot Skills: a SurveyInproceedings Konferenzbeitrag20-Aug-2022
8Murali, Prajval Kumar ; Wang, Cong ; Lee, Dongheui ; Dahiya, Ravinder ; Kaboli, Mohsen Deep Active Cross-Modal Visuo-Tactile Transfer Learning for Robotic Object RecognitionArticle Artikel 15-Jul-2022
9Pantano, Matteo ; Pavlovskyi, Yurii ; Schulenburg, Erik ; Traganos, Konstantinos ; Ahmadi, Seyedamir ; Regulin, Daniel ; Lee, Dongheui ; Saenz, José Novel Approach Using Risk Analysis Component to Continuously Update Collaborative Robotics Applications in the Smart, Connected Factory ModelArticle Artikel 1-Jun-2022
10Michel, Youssef ; Ott, Christian ; Lee, Dongheui Safety-Aware Hierarchical Passivity-Based Variable Compliance Control for Redundant ManipulatorsArticle Artikel 25-May-2022