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E384-02 - Forschungsbereich Systems on Chip
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Research Division
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1Hollerer, Siegfried ; Brenner, Bernhard ; Bhosale, Pushparaj Rajaram ; Fischer, Clara ; Hosseini, Ali Mohammad ; Maragkou, Sofia ; Papa, Maximilian ; Schlund, Sebastian ; Sauter, Thilo ; Kastner, Wolfgang ; Vogel-Heuser, Birgit ; Wimmer, Manuel Challenges in OT Security and Their Impacts on Safety-Related Cyber-Physical Production SystemsBook Contribution Buchbeitrag3-Feb-2023
2Kolisnyk, Maryna ; Jantsch, Axel ; Zseby, Tanja ; Kharchenko, Vyacheslav ; van Gulijk, Coen ; Zaitseva , Elena ; Kvassay, Miroslav Markov Model of PLC Availability Considering Cyber-Attacks in Industrial IoTBook Contribution Buchbeitrag2023
3Kobelrausch-2022-Skill Acquisition for Resource-Constrained Mobile Robots...-vor.pdf.jpgKobelrausch, Markus Daniel ; Jantsch, Axel ; Habib, Maki Skill Acquisition for Resource-Constrained Mobile Robots through Continuous ExplorationBook Contribution Buchbeitrag 21-Dec-2022
4Aftab, Asad ; Chrysostomou, Chrysostomos ; Qureshi, Hassan Khaliq ; Rehman, Semeen Holo-Block Chain: A Hybrid Approach for Secured IoT Healthcare EcosystemInproceedings Konferenzbeitrag 15-Nov-2022
5El-Araby, Nahla ; Jantsch, Axel Reliable Power Efficient Systems through Run-time ReconfigurationInproceedings Konferenzbeitrag 19-Jun-2022
6Shaaban, Abdelkader Magdy ; Chlup, Sebastian ; El-Araby, Nahla ; Schmittner, Christoph Towards Optimized Security Attributes for IoT Devices in Smart Agriculture Based on the IEC 62443 Security StandardArticle Artikel 2-Jun-2022
7Mozelli, Amid ; Taherinejad, Nima ; Jantsch, Axel A Study on Confidence: An Unsupervised Multiagent Machine Learning ExperimentArticle Artikel 1-Jun-2022
8El-Araby, Nahla ; Freismuth, David ; Filho, Nilson Neves ; Jantsch, Axel Run Time Power and Accuracy Management with Approximate CircuitsInproceedings Konferenzbeitrag 2022
9Lundström, Adam ; O'Nils, Mattias ; Qureshi, Faisal ; Jantsch, Axel Improving deep learning based anomaly detection onmultivariate time series through separated anomalyscoringArticle Artikel 2022
10Valinataj, Mojtaba ; Jantsch, Axel Hierarchical multipliers: A framework for high-speed multiple error detecting architecturesArticle Artikel 2022
11Shamsa, Elham ; Pröbstl, Alma ; TaheriNejad, Nima ; Kanduri, Anil ; Chakraborty, Samarjit ; Rahmani, Amir M. ; Liljeberg, Pasi UBAR: User- and Battery-aware Resource Management for SmartphonesArtikel Article 27-May-2021
12Lechner, Martin ; Jantsch, Axel Blackthorn: Latency Estimation Framework for CNNs on Embedded Nvidia PlatformsArtikel Article 2021
13Colucci, Alessio ; Juhasz, David ; Mosbeck, Martin ; Marchisio, Alberto ; Rehman, Semeen ; Kreutzer, Manfred ; Nadbath, Gunther ; Jantsch, Axel ; Shafique, Muhammad MLComp: A Methodology for Machine Learning-based Performance Estimation and Adaptive Selection of Pareto-Optimal Compiler Optimization SequencesKonferenzbeitrag Inproceedings 2021
14Prabakaran, Bharath Srinivas ; Akhtar, Asima ; Rehman, Semeen ; Hasan, Osman ; Shafique, Muhammad BioNetExplorer: Architecture-Space Exploration of Biosignal Processing Deep Neural Networks for WearablesArtikel Article 2021
15Alam, Mohsen Riahi ; Najafi, M. Hassan ; TaheriNejad, Nima Exact Stochastic Computing Multiplication in Memristive MemoryArtikel Article 2021
16TaheriNejad, Nima SIXOR: Single-cycle In-memristor XORArtikel Article 2021
17Schober, Peter ; Najafi, M. Hassan ; Taherinejad, Nima High-Accuracy Multiply-Accumulate (MAC) Technique for Unary Stochastic ComputingArtikel Article 2021
18Shallari, Irida ; Leal, Isaac Sanchez ; Krug, Silvia ; Jantsch, Axel ; O'Nils, Mattias Design space exploration on IoT node: Trade-offs in processing and communicationArtikel Article 2021
19Taimoor, Najma ; Rehman, Semeen Reliable and Resilient AI and IoT-based Personalised Healthcare Services: A SurveyArtikel Article 2021
20Leal, Isaac Sánchez ; Shallari, Irida ; Krug, Silvia ; Jantsch, Axel ; O’Nils, Mattias Impact of Input Data on Intelligence Partitioning Decisions for IoT Smart Camera NodesArtikel Article 2021