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E370-03 - Forschungsbereich Energiewirtschaft und Energieeffizienz
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1Fallahnejad, Mostafa ; Kranzl, Lukas ; Haas, Reinhard ; Hummel, Marcus ; Müller, Andreas ; Sánchez-García, Luis ; Persson, Urban District heating potential in the EU-27: Evaluating the impacts of heat demand reduction and market share growthArticle Artikel 1-Jan-2024
2Mayrhofer-2023-Energy and Buildings-vor.pdf.jpgMayrhofer, Lukas ; Müller, Andreas ; Bügelmayer-Blaschek, Marianne ; Malla, Aadit ; Kranzl, Lukas Modelling the effect of passive cooling measures on future energy needs for the Austrian building stockArticle Artikel 1-Oct-2023
3Maldet, Matthias ; Loschan, Christoph ; Schwabeneder, Daniel ; Lettner, Georg ; Auer, Hans Business models for local energy market and circular economy establishment in municipalities: A case study in an Austrian municipalityArticle Artikel Oct-2023
4Formayer-2023-Scientific Data-vor.pdf.jpgFormayer, Herbert ; Nadeem, Imran ; Leidinger, David ; Maier, Philipp ; Schöniger, Franziska ; Suna, Demet ; Resch, Gustav ; Totschnig Gerhard ; Lehner, Fabian SECURES-Met: A European meteorological data set suitable for electricity modelling applicationsArticle Artikel 7-Sep-2023
5Zwickl-Bernhard, Sebastian ; Golab, Antonia ; Perger, Theresia ; Auer, Johann Designing a model for the cost-optimal decommissioning and refurbishment investment decision for gas networks: Application on a real test bed in Austria until 2050Article Artikel Sep-2023
6Pratschner, Simon ; Radosits, Frank ; Ajanovic, Amela ; Winter, Franz Techno-economic assessment of a power-to-green methanol plantArticle Artikel Sep-2023
7Maldet-2023-Heliyon-vor.pdf.jpgMaldet, Matthias ; Lettner, Georg Alexander ; Loschan, Christoph ; Schwabeneder, Daniel ; Auer, Hans Creating an indicator system for the United Nations sustainable development goals in communities and municipalities: application and analysis in an Austrian case studyArticle Artikel Aug-2023
8Zwickl-Bernhard, Sebastian ; Golab, Antonia ; Auer, Johann Exploring the Role of Europe in the global LNG Market Equilibrium until 2040Presentation Vortrag26-Jul-2023
9Schöniger, Franziska Bernadette ; Resch, Gustav ; Suna, Demet ; Hasengst, Florian ; Totschnig, Gerhard ; Widhalm, Peter The impact of climate change on electricity generation and demand profilesPresentation Vortrag26-Jul-2023
10Maldet, Matthias ; Lettner, Georg Alexander ; Schwabeneder, Daniel ; Loschan, Christoph Measuring sustainable development in energy communities: Policy implications for sustainable and optimized community behaviourPresentation Vortrag25-Jul-2023
11Sayer, Marlene Sophia ; Haas, Reinhard ; Ajanovic, Amela Short and long term storage needs in the future power system: A case study of AustriaPresentation Vortrag25-Jul-2023
12Resch, Gustav ; Schöniger, Franziska ; Hasengst, Florian ; Suna, Demet ; Totschnig, Gerhard ; Sensfuß, Frank ; del Rio, Pablo ; Ragwitz, Mario Energy system modelling of renewable energy and related energy infrastructure needsBook Contribution Buchbeitrag14-Jul-2023
13Kannan, Shravan Kumar ; Thakur, Jagruti ; Cunha, José Maria ; Gardumi, Francesco ; Kök, Ali ; Lisboa, André ; Martin, Viktoria Techno-economic optimization of the industrial excess heat recovery for an industrial park with high spatial and temporal resolutionArticle Artikel 1-Jul-2023
14Haas, Reinhard ; Ajanovic, Amela Energy Economic Prospects for Green Hydrogen in EuropePresentation VortragJul-2023
15Zwickl-Bernhard, Sebastian ; Otti, Marcus Is the decarbonization of the European energy system driving district heating in Norway?Presentation Vortrag8-Jun-2023
16Heidenthaler, Daniel ; Deng, Yingwen ; Leeb, Markus ; Grobbauer, Michael ; Kranzl, Lukas ; Seiwald, Lena ; Mascherbauer, Philipp ; Reindl, Patricia ; Bednar, Thomas Automated energy performance certificate based urban building energy modelling approach for predicting heat load profiles of districtsArticle Artikel 5-Jun-2023
17Hummel-2023-Energy Efficiency-vor.pdf.jpgHummel, Marcus ; Müller, Andreas ; Forthuber, Sebastian ; Kranzl, Lukas ; Mayr, Bernhard ; Haas, Reinhard How cost-efficient is energy efficiency in buildings? A comparison of building shell efficiency and heating system change in the European building stockArticle Artikel 5-Jun-2023
18Ajanovic, Amela Energy crisis: new chance for hydrogen fuel cell electric vehicles?Presentation Vortrag26-May-2023
19Auer, Johann ; Zwickl-Bernhard, Sebastian ; Golab, Antonia How to successfully write & publish a paper ... a guide on how it might workPresentation Vortrag12-May-2023
20Ajanovic, Amela The role of electric vehicles for sustainable urban mobilityPresentation Vortrag11-May-2023