Forschungsbereich Ökonomie

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E105-03 - Forschungsbereich Ökonomie
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Research Division
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1Caulkins-2023-European Journal of Operational Research-vor.pdf.jpgCaulkins, J.P. ; Grass, Dieter ; Feichtinger, Gustav ; Hartl, Richard F. ; Kort, P.M. ; Kuhn, M ; Fürnkranz-Prskawetz, Alexia ; Sanchez Romero, Miguel ; Seidl, Andrea ; Wrzaczek, Stefan The hammer and the jab: Are COVID-19 lockdowns and vaccinations complements or substitutes?Article Artikel 16-Nov-2023
2Siskova-2023-Journal of the Economics of Ageing-vor.pdf.jpgSiskova, Martina ; Kuhn, M. ; Prettner, K. ; Fürnkranz-Prskawetz, Alexia Does human capital compensate for population decline?Article Artikel Oct-2023
3Vargha, Lili ; Binder-Hammer, Bernhard ; Donehower, Gretchen Time Transfers by Age and Gender in 28 CountriesArticle Artikel 15-Mar-2023
4Fürnkranz-Prskawetz, Alexia NTA and demographic change in aging populations – economic impacts and sustainabilityPresentation Vortrag14-Feb-2023
5Hof, Franz ; Prettner, Klaus Relative consumption, relative wealth, and long-run growth: when and why is the standard analysis prone to incorrect conclusions?Article Artikel 2023
6Fürnkranz-Prskawetz, Alexia The impact of demographic change in 21st EuropePresentation Vortrag24-Nov-2022
7Freiberger, Michael ; Fürnkranz-Prskawetz, Alexia ; Cencic, Oliver ; Rechberger, Helmut ; Scharff, Christoph Understanding the limitations of recycling and utilization targets for circular plastics management: a general economic equilibrium model including material flow analysisumPresentation Vortrag24-Nov-2022
8Fürnkranz-Prskawetz, Alexia Demographische Folgen der PandemiePresentation Vortrag29-Sep-2022
9Kerndler, Martin Occupational safety in a frictional labor marketPresentation Vortrag20-Sep-2022
10Kerndler, Martin ; Fürnkranz-Prskawetz, Alexia ; Sanchez Romero, Miguel Wealth for Health?Presentation Vortrag19-Sep-2022
11Kerndler, Martin Occupational safety in a frictional labor marketPresentation Vortrag10-Sep-2022
12Kerndler, Martin Occupational safety in a frictional labor marketPresentation Vortrag24-Aug-2022
13Hammer-2022-Empirica Journal of European Economics-vor.pdf.jpgHammer, Bernhard ; Prskawetz, Alexia Measuring private transfers between generations and gender: an application of national transfer accounts for Austria 2015Article Artikel Aug-2022
14Garstenauer, Viola ; Siassi, Nawid On the Optimal Reform of Income Support for Married Couples with ChildrenPresentation Vortrag13-Jul-2022
15Hammer-2022-Social Indicators Research-vor.pdf.jpgHammer, Bernhard ; Spitzer, Sonja ; Prskawetz, Alexia Age-Specific Income Trends in Europe: The Role of Employment, Wages, and Social TransfersArticle Artikel Jul-2022
16Fürnkranz-Prskawetz, Alexia ; Sanchez Romero, Miguel ; Kerndler, Martin Wealth for Health?Presentation Vortrag10-Jun-2022
17Fürnkranz-Prskawetz, Alexia Die Rolle der Familien in der GenerationenökonomiePresentation Vortrag7-Jun-2022
18di Lego, Vanessa ; Sánchez-Romero, Miguel ; Prskawetz, Alexia The impact of COVID-19 vaccines on the Case Fatality Rate: The importance of monitoring breakthrough infectionsArticle Artikel Jun-2022
19Fürnkranz-Prskawetz, Alexia ; Sanchez Romero, Miguel ; Kerndler, Martin Wealth for Health?Presentation Vortrag20-May-2022
20Kaas, Leo ; Lalé, Etienne ; Siassi, Nawid Job Search, Savings and Lifetime InequalityPresentation Vortrag19-May-2022