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E120-03 - Forschungsbereich Geophysik
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1Francese, Roberto G. ; Girorgio, Massimo ; Picotti, Stefano ; Fischanger, Federico ; Morelli, Gianfranco ; Flores-Orozco, Adrian ; Souza de Araujo, Oziel ; Moser, Clemens ; Bondesan, Aldino ; Bocchia, Federico ; Meneghini, Fabio Comprehensive electrical imaging of the ridge below the ancient church of Saint Martin (Dolomites, Italy)Inproceedings Konferenzbeitrag15-Nov-2023
2Luhn-2023-Geomorphology-vor.pdf.jpgLuhn, Julia ; Stumvoll-Schmaltz, Margherita Johanna ; Orozco, Adrián Flores ; Glade, Thomas Internal structure of an active landslide based on ERT and DP data: New insights from the Hofermühle landslide observatory in Lower AustriaArticle Artikel 15-Nov-2023
3Steiner, Matthias ; Moser, Clemens ; Flores-Orozco, Adrian ; Ludewig, Elke CryoGeoLab: multi-scale geophysical characterization of permafrost at the Hoher SonnblickInproceedings Konferenzbeitrag25-Sep-2023
4Moser-2023-Waste Management-vor.pdf.jpgMoser, Clemens ; Binley, Andrew ; Orozco, Adrian Flores 3D electrode configurations for spectral induced polarization surveys of landfillsArticle Artikel 1-Sep-2023
5Steiner, Matthias ; Flores Orozco, Adrián formikoj: A flexible library for data management and processing in geophysics—Application for seismic refraction dataArticle Artikel Jul-2023
6Aigner, Lukas ; Roser, Nathalie Sophie ; Moser, Clemens ; Morra di Cella, Umberto ; Hauck, Christian ; Flores-Orozco, Adrian Improved characterization of alpine permafrost by including structural constraints from transient electromagnetic data into spectral induced polarization imagingPresentation Vortrag22-Jun-2023
7Moser, Clemens ; Roser, Nathalie Sophie ; Keller, Sophia ; Radlbauer, David ; Morra di Cella, Umberto ; Hauck, Christian ; Flores-Orozco, Adrian 3D Spectral Induced Polarization for the estimation of ice content and hydraulic properties in an active rock glacierPresentation VortragJun-2023
8Flores Orozco, Adrián ; Aigner, Lukas ; Ferk, Josef Evaluating the applicability of transient electromagnetic (TEM) data to characterize aquifer geometry in urban areasInproceedings Konferenzbeitrag28-Apr-2023
9Aigner, Lukas ; Roser, Nathalie ; Hettegger, Anna ; Höfelmaier, Daniel ; Cimadom, Arno ; Michel, Hadrien ; Hermans, Thomas ; Flores Orozco, Adrián Uncertainty quantification of aquifer geometry and groundwater level using electrical resistivity models obtained from transient electromagnetic dataInproceedings Konferenzbeitrag27-Apr-2023
10Wallner, Mario ; Gugl, Christian ; Hinterleitner, Alois ; Gallistl, Jakob ; Löcker, Klaus ; Schlögel, Ingrid ; Reiner, Franziska ; Flores-Orozco, Adrian ; Moser, Clemens ; Zeitlhofer, Jürgen The more, the merrier? A multi-methodological survey at the Roman town of CarnuntumInproceedings Konferenzbeitrag24-Mar-2023
11Moser, Clemens ; Flores-Orozco, Adrian ; Binley, Andrew Resolving capabilities of 3D electrode configurations for spectral induced polarization surveysInproceedings Konferenzbeitrag2023
12Roser, Nathalie Sophie ; Hettegger, Anna ; Müller, Teresa ; Steiner, Matthias ; Aigner, Lukas ; Cimadom, Arno ; Flores-Orozco, Adrian Geophysical quantification of porosity in the soda lakes of the Lake Neusiedl-Seewinkel BasinInproceedings Konferenzbeitrag2023
13Flores-Orozco, Adrian ; Maierhofer, Theresa ; Aigner, Lukas ; Moser, Clemens ; Morra di Cella, Umberto ; Hauck, Christian Improving the delineation of mountain permafrost with Induced Polarization through electrical and electromagnetic methodsPresentation Vortrag15-Dec-2022
14Aigner, Lukas ; Dieter Werthmüller ; Flores-Orozco, Adrian Investigation of Induced Polarization Effects in Transient Electromagnetic Data Obtained in a Single-Loop Configuration for Conductive and Resistive MediaPresentation Vortrag14-Dec-2022
15Flores-Orozco-2022-CATENA-vor.pdf.jpgFlores-Orozco, Adrian ; Steiner, Matthias ; Katona, Timea ; Roser, Nathalie Sophie ; Moser, Clemens ; Stumvoll, Margherita Johanna ; Glade, Thomas Application of induced polarization imaging across different scales to understand surface and groundwater flow at the Hofermuehle landslideArticle Artikel Dec-2022
16Gallistl, Jakob ; Schwindt, Daniel ; Jochum, Birgit ; Aigner, Lukas ; Peresson, Mandana ; Flores Orozco, Adrián Quantification of soil textural and hydraulic properties in a complex conductivity imaging framework: Results from the Wolfsegg slopeArticle Artikel 12-Sep-2022
17Flores-Orozco, Adrian ; Aigner, Lukas ; Hettegger, Anna ; Katona, Timea ; Cimadom, Arno ; Strauss, Peter Geophysical imaging of the salt content at the soda lakes from the National Park Neusiedlersee – SeewinkelPresentation VortragSep-2022
18Steiner, Matthias ; Katona, Timea ; Fellner, Johann ; Flores Orozco, Adrián Quantitative water content estimation in landfills through joint inversion of seismic refraction and electrical resistivity data considering surface conductionArticle Artikel 15-Jul-2022
19Brueckl-2022-BHM Berg- und Huettenmaennische Monatshefte-vor.pdf.jpgBrückl, Ewald ; Hochwartner, Roland ; Zöhling, Stefan Der seismische Herdmechanismus von GewinnungssprengungenArtikel Article Jun-2022
20Steiner, Matthias ; Pavlin, Lovrenc ; Katona, Timea ; Wagner, Florian M. ; Roser, Nathalie ; Strauss, Peter ; Blöschl, Günter ; Flores Orozco, Adrian Imaging of hydraulic conductivity from seismic and electrical data in a joint inversion frameworkPresentation Vortrag25-May-2022