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E104-01 - Forschungsbereich Algebra
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1Chajda-2023-Fuzzy Sets and Systems-vor.pdf.jpgChajda, Ivan ; Länger, Helmut Operator residuation in orthomodular posets of finite heightArticle Artikel 15-Sep-2023
2Behrisch-2023-Towards weak bases of minimal relational clones on all fini...-vor.pdf.jpgBehrisch, Mike Towards weak bases of minimal relational clones on all finite setsPresentation Vortrag 3-Sep-2023
3Dorninger, Dietmar ; Länger, Helmut On ring-like event systems in quantum logicArticle Artikel Aug-2023
4Behrisch, Mike ; Renkin, Leon ; Dürrschnabel, Dominik ; López Rodríguez, Domingo Computing Witnesses for Centralising Monoids on a Three-Element SetInproceedings Konferenzbeitrag 6-Jul-2023
5Behrisch, Mike Weak bases for maximal clonesInproceedings Konferenzbeitrag 23-Jun-2023
6Behrisch-2023-Counting and enumerating transformation monoids-evor.pdf.jpgBehrisch, Mike Counting and enumerating transformation monoidsPresentation Vortrag 11-Jun-2023
7Friedman, Sy-David ; Gitman, Victoria ; Müller, Sandra Structural properties of the stable coreArtikel Article 11-Apr-2023
8Chajda-2023-Mathematica Slovaca-vor.pdf.jpgChajda, Ivan ; Länger, Helmut Extensions and Congruences of Partial LatticesArticle Artikel 31-Mar-2023
9Behrisch, Mike Algebraic theory for the fine-grained analysis of constraint satisfaction type problemsPresentation Vortrag22-Feb-2023
10Chajda, Ivan ; Länger, Helmut Conditions forcing the existence of relative complements in lattices and posetsArticle Artikel 15-Feb-2023
11Chajda, Ivan ; Länger, Helmut Tolerances on posetsArticle Artikel 2023
12Goldstern, Martin Kardinalzahlcharakteristiken und KontinuumshypothesePresentation Vortrag17-Dec-2022
13Goldstern, Martin viele VIELE UnendlichkeitenPresentation Vortrag7-Dec-2022
14Laenger-2022-Mathematics for Applications-vor.pdf.jpgLänger, Helmut ; Chajda, Ivan Compositions and decompositions of binary relationsArticle Artikel Dec-2022
15Holy, Peter Outward compactnessPresentation Vortrag22-Nov-2022
16Länger, Helmut ; Chajda, Ivan Integration in semiringsPresentation Vortrag22-Nov-2022
17Holy, Peter Asymmetric cut and choose gamesPresentation Vortrag11-Nov-2022
18Holy, Peter Infinite cut and choose gamesPresentation Vortrag4-Nov-2022
19Mohammadpour, Rahman A Road To Compactness Through Guessing ModelsPreprint Preprint5-Oct-2022
20Müller, Sandra Highlights from infinite games, mice and their connection.Presentation VortragSep-2022