Fachgruppe Center of Labelling and Isotope Production (CLIP)

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E057-14-2 - Fachgruppe Center of Labelling and Isotope Production (CLIP)
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1Riehle-2023-Journal of Archaeological Science Reports-vor.pdf.jpgRiehle, Kai ; Kistler, Erich ; Öhlinger, Birgit ; Sterba, Johannes H. ; Mommsen, Hans Mirroring Mediterraneanization: Pottery production at Archaic Monte Iato, Western Sicily (6th to 5th century BCE)Article Artikel Oct-2023
2Lis, Bartłomiej ; Mommsen, Hans ; Sterba, Johannes Imported pottery at the cemetery of Perati in light of the current results of Neutron Activation AnalysisArticle Artikel Oct-2023
3Staeger-2023-Environmental Science and Technology-vor.pdf.jpgStäger, Felix ; Zok, Dorian ; Schiller, Anna-Katharina ; Feng, Bin ; Steinhauser, Georg Disproportionately high contributions of 60 Year old weapons-¹³⁷Cs explain the persistence of radioactive contamination in Bavarian wild boarsArticle Artikel 12-Sep-2023
4Steinhauser, Georg Wie war das, Dr.Oppenheimer? Die Entwicklung der Atombombe und ein ungelöstes RätselPresentation Vortrag23-Jul-2023
5Steinhauser, Georg The Fallout from Nuclear Catastrophes: Facts and Myths about Chernobyl and FukushimaPresentation Vortrag29-Mar-2023
6Szabo, Gabriel ; Jany, Benedykt R. ; Muckenhuber, Helmut ; Niggas, Anna ; Lehner, Markus ; Janas, Arkadiusz ; Szabo, Paul ; Gan, Ziyang ; George, Antony ; Turchanin, Andrey ; Krok, Franciszek ; Wilhelm, Richard Arthur Charge-State-Enhanced Ion Sputtering of Metallic Gold NanoislandsArticle Artikel 22-Mar-2023
7Lis, Bartłomiej ; Mommsen, Hans ; Sterba, Johannes H. ; Van Damme, Trevor Regional and interregional networks of ancient Eleon during the early 12th century BCE as seen from the petrographic and neutron activation analyses of potteryArticle Artikel 22-Feb-2023
8Steinhauser, Georg Understanding an undeclared nuclear accident: the 2017 release of radioactive rutheniumPresentation Vortrag16-Jan-2023
9Lis, Bartłomiej ; Mommsen, Hans ; Sterba, Johannes H. Production and distribution of White Ware towards the end of Late Bronze Age in GreeceArticle Artikel 2023
10Riehle, Kai ; Kistler, Erich ; Öhlinger, Birgit ; Heitz, Christian ; Ben‐Shlomo, David ; Jung, Reinhard ; Mommsen, Hans ; Sterba, Johannes ; Gimatzidis, Stefanos ; Fantalkin, Alexander ; Prillwitz, Susanne ; Hein, Anno ; Geissler, Leonhard ; Lehmann, Gunnar ; Kindberg Jacobsen, Jan ; Posamentir, Richard ; Schlotzhauer, Udo Neutron activation analysis in Mediterranean Archaeology: current applications and future perspectivesArticle Artikel 2023
11Sterba, Johannes Neutron activation analysis of the pottery corpus of Hala Sultan Tekke and comparison to literature dataInproceedings Konferenzbeitrag 2023
12Seifried-2022-Magnetochemistry-vor.pdf.jpgSeifried, Marco ; Kapsamer, Frieda M. ; Reissner, Michael ; Welch, Jan M. ; Giester, Gerald ; Müller, Danny ; Weinberger, Peter Solvothermal One-Pot Synthesis of a New Family of Chiral [Fe₄O₄]-Cubane Clusters with Redox Active CoresArticle Artikel Sep-2022
13Pressler, Martin ; Denk, Christoph ; Scheibelreiter, Verena ; Kuba, Walter ; Mikula, Hannes PREPARATION OF AN AC-225 GENERATOR FROM AN OLD U-232/233 SAMPLE AND SUCCESSFUL AC-225 RADIOLABELING OF A NOVEL DOTA 1,2,4,5-TETRAZINE DERIVATIVEPresentation Vortrag8-Apr-2022
14Turyanskaya, Anna ; Rauwolf, Mirjam ; Pichler, Vanessa ; Burghammer, Manfred ; Hofstaetter, Jochen G. ; Roschger, Andreas ; Roschger, Paul ; Wobrauschek, Peter ; Streli, Christina ; Sawhney Kawal Gadolinium mapping in bone by micro-/submicro-XRFPresentation Vortrag2022
15Sterba, Johannes H. Provenance Studies and BeyondBook Contribution Buchbeitrag2022
16Ben‐Shlomo, David ; Bouzaglou, Liora ; Mommsen, Hans ; Sterba, Johannes H. Production centers of cooking pots in Iron Age JudahArticle Artikel 2022