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E193-05 - Forschungsbereich Human Computer Interaction
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1Spiel, Katta Researching Infrastructures Through the Self: Autoethnography as a Meaningful Tool for Infrastructure Analysis From the MarginsBook Contribution Buchbeitrag 2024
2Meissner-2023-Das Handwerk der inklusiven Hochschullehre-vor.pdf.jpgMeißner, Janis Lena Das Handwerk der inklusiven HochschullehreSpecial Contribution Spezialbeitrag 15-Dec-2023
3Kleber, Florian ; Peer, Marco ; Sablatnig, Robert Advances in Machine Learning for the Automated Analysis of ManuscriptsPresentation Vortrag3-Nov-2023
4Vrecar, Rafael Student Review: “Sustainability” – a Term with Various Meanings and ImplicationsSpecial Contribution Spezialbeitrag3-Oct-2023
5Payne, Blakeley H. ; Taylor, Jordan ; Spiel, Katta ; Fiesler, Casey How to Ethically Engage Fat People in HCI ResearchInproceedings Konferenzbeitrag Oct-2023
6McDonnell, Emma J. ; Mack, Kelly Avery ; Gerling, Kathrin ; Spiel, Katta ; Bennett, Cynthia L. ; Brewer, Robin N. ; Williams, Rua Mae ; Tigwell, Garreth W. Tackling the Lack of a Practical Guide in Disability-Centered ResearchInproceedings Konferenzbeitrag Oct-2023
7Kender, Kay ; Spiel, Katta Banal Autistic Social Media: A Found Footage AutoethnographyInproceedings Konferenzbeitrag Oct-2023
8Kender, Silvia-Kay Banal Autistic DesignPresentation Vortrag21-Sep-2023
9Vrecar, Rafael ; Steinlechner, Markus ; Rupprecht, Patrick ; Wedral, Aaron ; Negele, Marlies ; Palucki, Maciej ; Ratzer, Brigitte ; Weiss, Astrid How to Bring Diversity into Industry: Industrial Experiences in Public Transport Repair and MaintenanceInproceedings Konferenzbeitrag 26-Aug-2023
10Wedral, Aaron ; Vrecar, Rafael ; Ebenhofer, Gerhard ; Pönitz, Thomas ; Wührer, Paul H. ; Weiss, Astrid ; Stübl, Gernot Spatial Augmented Reality in the Factory: Can In-Situ Projections Be Used to Communicate Dangers and Health Risks?Inproceedings Konferenzbeitrag 25-Aug-2023
11Singh, Deepa ; Kender, Kay Ecofeminist Design for Digital Third SpacesSpecial Contribution SpezialbeitragJul-2023
12Vrecar, Rafael ; Aichinger-Fankhauser, Theresa Dare to Care – Designing Differently, Imagining CollaborativelySpecial Contribution Spezialbeitrag12-Jun-2023
13Mayer, Peter ; Werner, Katharina ; Al-Radhi, Mohammed ; Csapo, Tamas Gabor ; Czeba, Bálint ; Nemeth, Géza ; Rocha, Ana Patrícia ; Oliveira, Ilídio ; Silva, Samuel ; Szeker, Melinda ; Teixeira, António ; Panek, Paul Concept and Pictogram-Based User-Interface Design of a Helper Tool for People with AphasiaInproceedings Konferenzbeitrag 2-May-2023
14Panek, Paul ; Mayer, Peter Light as a Possible Guidance in the Toilet Room from the View of Dementia ExpertsInproceedings Konferenzbeitrag 2-May-2023
15Burtscher, Sabrina ; Spiel, Katta Tackling Discrimination in Tech: The Anti-Bias Cards (ABC) in UseInproceedings KonferenzbeitragApr-2023
16Angelini-2023-Criptopias Speculative Stories Exploring Worlds Worth Wanting-vor.pdf.jpgAngelini, Robin ; Burtscher, Sabrina ; Fussenegger, Felix ; Kender, Kay ; Spiel, Katta ; Steinbrecher, Franz ; Suchanek, Oliver Criptopias: Speculative Stories Exploring Worlds Worth WantingInproceedings Konferenzbeitrag Apr-2023
17Dobrosovestnova-2023-Borrowing, Poking and Entangling. In Search of Share...-vor.pdf.jpgDobrosovestnova, Anna ; de Pagter, Jesse ; Weiss, Astrid Borrowing, Poking and Entangling. In Search of Shared Spaces Between Science and Technology Studies and Human-Robot InteractionInproceedings Konferenzbeitrag 13-Mar-2023
18Brunnmayr, Katharina ; Weiss, Astrid Bridging the Gap: Using a Game-based Approach to Raise Lay People's Awareness About Care RobotsPresentation VortragMar-2023
19Kender, Silvia-Kay Wie nutze ich Social Media?Presentation Vortrag10-Jan-2023
20Gollasch, David ; Branig, Meinhardt ; Gerling, Kathrin ; Gulliksen, Jan ; Metatla, Oussama ; Spiel, Katta ; Weber, Gerhard Designing Technology for Neurodivergent Self-determination: Challenges and OpportunitiesInproceedings Konferenzbeitrag 2023