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E138-03 - Forschungsbereich Functional and Magnetic Materials
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1Michor-2024-Journal of Alloys and Compounds-vor.pdf.jpgMichor, Herwig ; Roman, Marta ; Reisinger, Lisa Carina ; Fritthum, Maria ; Schmelzenbart, Jana ; Vock, Alexander ; Levytskyi, Volodymyr ; Babizhetskyy, Volodymyr ; Kotur, Bogdan Evolution of charge density wave order in continuous solid solutions Lu(Ni₁₋ₓCoₓ)C₂Article Artikel 15-Apr-2024
2Roman, Marta ; Stöger, Berthold ; Kolincio, Kamil K. ; Michor, Herwig Single crystal studies of charge density wave (CDW) physics in quasi-1D ternary rare-earth nickel dicarbides RNiC₂ (R – rare earth metal)Presentation Vortrag6-Mar-2024
3Brož, Pavel ; Yan, Xinlin ; Romaka, Vitaliy ; Fabrichnaya, Olga ; Kriegel, Mario J. ; Bursíková, Vilma ; Buršík, Jiří ; Vřešťál, Jan ; Rogl, Gerda ; Michor, Herwig ; Bauer, Ernst ; Eiberger, Markus ; Grytsiv, Andriy ; Giester, Gerald ; Rogl, Peter F. Constitution, physical properties and thermodynamic modeling of the Hf-Mn systemArticle Artikel 5-Mar-2024
4Michor, Herwig Tutorial on inelastic and quasi-elastic neutron scatteringPresentation Vortrag1-Mar-2024
5Kolincio, Kamil K. ; Roman, Marta ; Garmroudi, Fabian ; Parzer, Michael ; Bauer, Ernst ; Michor, Herwig Charge density wave, enhanced mobility, and large nonsaturating magnetoresistance across the magnetic states of HoNiC2 and ErNiC2Article Artikel 23-Feb-2024
6Riss, Alexander ; Garmroudi, F. ; Parzer, M. ; Pustogow, A. ; Mori, T. ; Bauer, Ernst Thermoelectric power factor of compositesArticle Artikel Jan-2024
7Salamakha, Leonid ; Solohub, Oksana ; Stöger, Berthold ; Michor, Herwig ; Bauer, Ernst ; Rogl, Peter F. Cage compound Sc₅Pt₂₄B₁₂: a Pt-stuffed variant of filled skutterudite structure. Electronic and structural propertiesArticle Artikel 2024
8Wang, Jierong ; Spitaler, M. ; Su, Y.-S. ; Zoch, K. M. ; Krellner, C. ; Puphal, P. ; Brown, Stuart E. ; Pustogow, A. Controlled Frustration Release on the Kagome Lattice by Uniaxial-Strain TuningArticle Artikel 18-Dec-2023
9Salamakha, Leonid ; Sologub, Oksana ; Stöger, Berthold ; Giester, Gerald ; Rogl, Peter F ; Michor, Herwig ; Bauer, Ernst Electronic and Structural Properties of MPtₓB₆-₂ₓ (M = Y, Yb): Structural Disorder in an Octahedral Boron FrameworkArticle Artikel 27-Nov-2023
10Boehm-2023-Surface and Coatings Technology-vor.pdf.jpgBöhm, David ; Kusztrich, Matija ; Kurinjimala, Robin ; Eder, Andreas ; Eisenmenger-Sittner, Christoph Analysis of electrical resistance measurements as a potential determination method for coating thickness on powdersArticle Artikel 25-Nov-2023
11Michor, Herwig Experimental studies of metals with quasi-1D electronic structurePresentation Vortrag17-Oct-2023
12Maskova-Cerna-2023-Inorganics-vor.pdf.jpgMaskova-Cerna, Silvie ; Bauer, Ernst ; Giovannini, Mauro ; Havela, Ladislav Heavy-Fermion Properties of Yb₂Pd₂SnH≈₂Article Artikel Oct-2023
13Salamakha, Leonid ; Sologub, Oksana ; Stöger, Berthold ; Michor, Herwig ; Rogl, Peter ; Bauer, Ernst Novel borides of the boron filled β-Mn-type structureArticle Artikel 10-Sep-2023
14Garmroudi, Fabian ; Parzer, Michael ; Riss, Alexander ; Bourgès, Cédric ; Khmelevskyi, Sergii ; Mori, Takao ; Bauer, Ernst ; Pustogow, Andrej High thermoelectric performance in metallic NiAu alloys via interband scatteringArticle Artikel Sep-2023
15Pustogow, Andrej Magnetoelastic Coupling and Terahertz Magnetometry of Kagome SystemsPresentation Vortrag30-Jun-2023
16Pustogow, Andrej Near-Field OpticsPresentation Vortrag26-Jun-2023
17Cupak-2023-Nuclear Materials and Energy-vor.pdf.jpgCupak, Christian ; Brandstätter, Florian ; Cserveny, R. ; Troneberger, F. ; Biber, Herbert Alexander ; Fellinger, Martina ; Redl, Alexander ; Moro, M.V. ; Böhm, David ; Eisenmenger-Sittner, Christoph ; Mutzke, A. ; Primetzhofer, D. ; Aumayr, Friedrich Absence of synergistic effects in quasi-simultaneous sputtering of tungsten by Ar and D ionsArticle Artikel Jun-2023
18Böhm, David ; Schrefl, Thomas ; Eder, Andreas ; Eisenmenger-Sittner, Christoph Structure and crystallographic properties of multi-material coatings deposited in a combinatorial sputter plant compared to simulations from the machine level to microstructurePresentation Vortrag22-May-2023
19Riss, Alexander ; Stöger, Martin ; Parzer, M. ; Garmroudi, F. ; Reumann, N. ; Hinterleitner, B. ; Mori, T. ; Bauer, Ernst Criteria for Erroneous Substrate Contribution to the Thermoelectric Performance of Thin FilmsArticle Artikel 8-May-2023
20Kawasugi, Yoshitaka ; Yamazaki, Shutaro ; Pustogow, Andrej ; Tajima, Naoya Negative Magnetoresistance near the Mott Metal–Insulator Transition in the Quantum Spin Liquid Candidate κ-(BEDT-TTF)₂Cu₂(CN)₃Article Artikel 28-Apr-2023