Forschungsbereich Computational Materials Science

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E138-01 - Forschungsbereich Computational Materials Science
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Research Division
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1Maggio, Emanuele ; Smolyanyuk, Andriy ; Tomczak, Jan M Local symmetry groups for arbitrary wavevectorsArticle Artikel 19-Oct-2023
2Pickem, Matthias ; Maggio, Emanuele ; Tomczak, Jan M. LinReTraCe: The linear response transport centreArticle Artikel17-Jul-2023
3van Loon, Erik G. C. P. ; Schüler, Malte ; Springer, Daniel ; Sangiovanni, Giorgio ; Tomczak, Jan M. ; Wehling, Tim Oliver Coulomb engineering of two-dimensional Mott materialsArticle Artikel 6-Jul-2023
4Esters, Marco ; Smolyanyuk, Andriy ; Oses, Corey ; Hicks, David ; Divilov, Simon ; Eckert, Hagen ; Campilongo, Xiomara ; Toher, Cormac ; Curtarolo, Stefano QH-POCC: Taming tiling entropy in thermal expansion calculations of disordered materialsArticle Artikel 15-Feb-2023
5Oses, Corey ; Esters, Marco ; Hicks, David ; Divilov, Simon ; Eckert, Hagen ; Friedrich, Rico ; Mehl, Michael J. ; Smolyanyuk, Andriy ; Campilongo, Xiomara ; van de Walle, Axel ; Schroers, Jan ; Kusne, A. Gilad ; Takeuchi, Ichiro ; Zurek, Eva ; Nardelli, Marco Buongiorno ; Fornari, Marco ; Lederer, Yoav ; Levy, Ohad ; Toher, Cormac ; Curtarolo, Stefano aflow++: A C++ framework for autonomous materials designArticle Artikel 25-Jan-2023
6Esters, Marco ; Oses, Corey ; Divilov, Simon ; Eckert, Hagen ; Friedrich, Rico ; Hicks, David ; Mehl, Michael J. ; Rose, Frisco ; Smolyanyuk, Andriy ; Calzolari, Arrigo ; Campilongo, Xiomara ; Toher, Cormac ; Curtarolo, Stefano A web ecosystem of databases, software and toolsArticle Artikel 5-Jan-2023
7Kaufmann, Josef ; Held, Karsten ana_cont: Python package for analytic continuationArticle Artikel Jan-2023
8Hua, Enda ; Si, Liang ; Dai, Kunjie ; Wang, Qing ; Ye, Huan ; Liu, Kuan ; Zhang, Jinfeng ; Liu, Jingdi ; Chen, Kai ; Jin, Feng ; Wang, Lingfei ; Wu, Wenbin Ru-Doping-Induced Spin Frustration and Enhancement of the Room-Temperature Anomalous Hall Effect in La⅔ Sr⅓MnO₃ FilmsArticle Artikel 24-Nov-2022
9Kauch, Anna Katarzyna Two-particle response using parquet equationsPresentation Vortrag16-Nov-2022
10Roósz, Gergő ; Held, Karsten Density matrix of electrons coupled to Einstein phonons and the electron-phonon entanglement content of excited statesArticle Artikel 15-Nov-2022
11Held, Karsten Beyond DMFT: Spin Fluctuations, Pseudogaps and SuperconductivityPresentation Vortrag4-Oct-2022
12Held, Karsten ; Pavarini, Eva ; Koch, Erik ; Lichtenstein, Alexander I. ; Vollhardt, Dieter Beyond DMFT: Spin Fluctuations, Pseudogaps and SuperconductivityInproceedings Konferenzbeitrag4-Oct-2022
13Ransmayr, Valentin ; Tomczak, Jan M. ; Galler, Anna Relation between crystal structure and optical properties in the correlated blue pigment YIn₁₋ ₓ Mnₓ O₃Article Artikel 1-Oct-2022
14Pickem, Matthias ; Tomczak, Jan M. ; Held, Karsten Particle-hole asymmetric lifetimes promoted by nonlocal spin and orbital fluctuations in SrVO₃ monolayersArticle Artikel 30-Sep-2022
15Wallerberger, Markus ; Held, Karsten Trie-based ranking of quantum many-body statesArticle Artikel 26-Sep-2022
16Kauch, Anna Katarzyna Describing strongly correleted electrons – emergent phenomena and new particlesPresentation Vortrag19-Sep-2022
17Worm, Paul ; Si, Liang ; Kitatani, Motoharu ; Arita, Ryotaro ; Tomczak, Jan M. ; Held, Karsten Correlations tune the electronic structure of pentalayer nickelates into the superconducting regimeArticle Artikel 6-Sep-2022
18Watzenböck, C. ; Wallerberger, M. ; Ruzicka, L. ; Worm, P. ; Held, K. ; Kauch, A. Photoexcitations in the Hubbard model: Generalized Loschmidt amplitude analysis of impact ionization in small clustersArticle Artikel 26-Aug-2022
19Tomczak, Jan Martin Simulating transport properties of narrow-gap semiconductorsPresentation Vortrag24-Aug-2022
20Kitatani, Motoharu ; Arita, Ryotaro ; Schäfer, Thomas ; Held, Karsten Strongly correlated superconductivity with long-range spatial fluctuationsArticle Artikel 19-Jul-2022