Austrian Cluster for Tissue Regeneration, Austria

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Austrian Cluster for Tissue Regeneration, Austria

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1Sayer, Simon ; Zandrini, Tommaso ; Markovic, Marica ; Van Hoorick, Jasper ; Van Vlierberghe, Sandra ; Baudis, Stefan ; Holnthoner, Wolfgang ; Ovsianikov, Aleksandr Guiding cell migration in 3D with high-resolution photograftingArticle Artikel 23-May-2022
2Tomasch-2022-Frontiers in Bioengineering and Biotechnology-vor.pdf.jpgTomasch, Janine ; Maleiner, Babette ; Heher, Philipp ; Rufin, Manuel ; Andriotis, Orestis ; Thurner, Philipp J ; Redl, Heinz ; Fuchs, Christiane ; Teuschl-Woller, Andreas H. Changes in Elastic Moduli of Fibrin Hydrogels Within the Myogenic Range Alter Behavior of Murine C2C12 and Human C25 Myoblasts DifferentlyArticle Artikel 20-May-2022
3Weisgrab_2020_Biofabrication_12_045036.pdf.jpgWeisgrab, Gregor ; Guillaume, Olivier ; Guo, Zhengchao ; Heimel, Patrick ; Slezak, Paul ; Poot, André ; Grijpma, Dirk ; Ovsianikov, Aleksandr 3D Printing of large-scale and highly porous biodegradable tissue engineering scaffolds from poly(trimethylene-carbonate) using two-photon-polymerizationArticle Artikel 30-Sep-2020
41-s2.0-S1369702120303606-main.pdf.jpgArslan, Aysu ; Steiger, Wolfgang ; Roose, Patrice ; Van den Bergen, Hugues ; Gruber, Peter ; Zerobin, Elise Susanne ; Chalupa-Gantner, Franziska ; Guillaume, Olivier ; Ovsianikov, Aleksandr ; Vlierberghe, Sandra van ; Dubruel, Peter Polymer architecture as key to unprecedented high-resolution 3D-printing performance : The case of biodegradable hexa-functional telechelic urethane-based poly-ε-caprolactoneArticle Artikel 2020