Fachbereich Center for Computational Materials Science and Engineering

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E057-15 - Fachbereich Center for Computational Materials Science and Engineering
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1Khmelevskyi, Sergii ; Mohn, Peter Longitudinal fluctuations of Co spin moments and their impact on the Curie temperature of the Heusler alloy Co2FeSiArtikel Article 2022
2Garmroudi, Fabian ; Parzer, Michael ; Riss, Alexander ; Ruban, Andrei V. ; Khmelevskyi, Sergii ; Reticcioli, Michele ; Knopf, Matthias ; Michor, Herwig ; Pustogow, Andrej ; Mori, Takao ; Bauer, Ernst Anderson transition in stoichiometric Fe₂VAl: high thermoelectric performance from impurity bandsArtikel Article 2022
3Cao, Yili ; Lin, Kun ; Khmelevskyi, Sergii ; Avdeev, Maxim ; Taddei, Keith ; Zhang, Qiang ; Huang, Qingzhen ; Li, Qiang ; Kato, Kenichii ; Tang, Chiu Chung ; Gibbs, Alexandra ; Wang, Chin-Wei ; Deng, Jinxia ; Chen, Jun ; Zhang, Hongjie ; Xing, Xianran Ultrawide Temperature Range Super-Invar Behavior of R2(Fe,Co)17 Materials (R= Rare Earth).Artikel Article 30-Jul-2021
4Steiner, Soner ; Khmelevskyi, Sergii ; Tatlisu, Halit ; Dominik Legut The effect of magnetism to the elastic constants in the high entropy alloy CoCrFeMnNiPresentation Vortrag31-May-2021
5Fiore Mosca, Dario ; Pourovskii, Leonid V. ; Kim, Beom Hyun ; Liu, Peitao ; Sanna, Samuele ; Boscherini, Federico ; Khmelevskyi, Sergii ; Franchini, Cesare Interplay between multipolar spin interactions, Jahn-Teller effect, and electronic correlation in a Jeff=3/2 insulatorArtikel Article 1-May-2021
6Pourovskii, Leonid V. ; Khmelevskyi, Sergii Hidden order and multipolar exchange striction in a correlated f-electron systemArtikel Article Apr-2021
7Abrudan, Radu ; Hennecke, Martin ; Radu, Florin ; Kachel, Torsten ; Holldack, Karsten ; Mitzner, Rolf ; Donges, Andreas ; Khmelevskyi, Sergii ; Deák, András ; Szunyogh, Laszlo ; Nowak, Ulrich ; Eisebitt, Stefan ; Radu, Ilie Element-Specific Magnetization Damping in Ferrimagnetic DyCo5 Alloys Revealed by Ultrafast X-ray MeasurementsArtikel Article 2021
8Bernáth, Bence ; Kutko, Khrystyna ; Wiedmann, Steffen ; Young, O. ; Engelkamp, Hans ; Christianen, P.C.M. ; Poperezhai, V. ; Pourovskii, L.V. ; Khmelevskyi, Sergii ; Kamenskyi, D. Massive Magnetostriction of the Paramagnetic Insulator KEr(MoO4)2 via a Single‐Ion Effect.Artikel Article 2021
9Gerasimov, A. ; Nordström, L. ; Khmelevskyi, Sergii ; Mazurenko, V.V. ; Khvashnin, Y.O. Nature of the magnetic moment of cobalt in ordered FeCo alloyArtikel Article 2021
10Wickramaratne, Darshana ; Khmelevskyi, Sergii ; Agterberg, Daniel F. ; Mazin, I. I. Ising Superconductivity and Magnetism in NbSe₂Artikel Article Dec-2020
11Kim, Bongjae ; Khmelevskyi, Sergii ; Franchini, Cesare ; Mazin, I. I. ; Kim, Kyoo SrRuO₃-SrTiO₃ heterostructure as a possible platform for studying unconventional superconductivity in Sr₂ RuO₄Artikel Article 8-Jun-2020
12Kudrnovský, J. ; Drchal, V. ; Máca, F. ; Turek, I. ; Khmelevskyi, S. Large anomalous Hall angle in the Fe₆₀Al₄₀ alloy induced by substitutional atomic disorderArtikel Article 26-Feb-2020
13Kyvala, Lukas ; Tchaplianka, Maxim ; Shick, Alexander ; Khmelevskyi, Sergii ; Legut, Dominik Large Uniaxial Magnetic Anisotropy of Hexagonal Fe-Hf-Sb AlloysArtikel Article 2020