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E317-03 - Forschungsbereich Computergestützte Biomechanik
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1Bachmann, Sebastian ; Pahr, Dieter ; Synek, Alexander Homogenized FE Models Can Predict Hip Joint Loading Using Inverse Bone Remodeling at the Femoral HeadInproceedings KonferenzbeitragJul-2023
2Bachmann-2023-Computer Methods and Programs in Biomedicine-vor.pdf.jpgBachmann, Sebastian ; Pahr, Dieter ; Synek, Alexander Hip joint load prediction using inverse bone remodeling with homogenized FE models: Comparison to micro-FE and influence of material modeling strategyArticle Artikel Jun-2023
3Bachmann-2022-Annals of Biomedical Engineering-vor.pdf.jpgBachmann, Sebastian ; Pahr, Dieter H ; Synek, Alexander A Density-Dependent Target Stimulus for Inverse Bone (Re)modeling with Homogenized Finite Element ModelsArticle Artikel May-2023
4Dunmore-2023-AMERICAN JOURNAL OF BIOLOGICAL ANTHROPOLOGY-vor.pdf.jpgDunmore, Christopher J. ; Bachmann, Sebastian ; Synek, Alexander ; Pahr, Dieter ; Skinner, Matthew ; Kivell, Tracy L. The deep trabecular structure of first metacarpals in extant hominidsArticle Artikel 2023
5Voumard Benjamin ; Stefanek, Pia ; Pretterklieber, Michael ; Pahr, Dieter ; Zysset, Philippe Influence of aging on mechanical properties of the femoral neck using an inverse methodArticle Artikel Dec-2022
6Naegl-2022-3D Printing in Medicine-vor.pdf.jpgNägl, Katharina ; Reisinger, Andreas ; Pahr, Dieter The biomechanical behavior of 3D printed human femoral bones based on generic and patient-specific geometriesArticle Artikel 23-Nov-2022
7Aryeetey, Othniel J. ; Frank, Martin ; Lorenz, Andrea ; Pahr, Dieter Fracture toughness determination of porcine muscle tissue based on AQLV model derived viscous dissipated energyArticle Artikel Nov-2022
8Berger-2022-Journal of Biomechanics-smur.pdf.jpgBerger, Laurenz ; Pahr, Dieter ; Synek, Alexander Articular contact vs. embedding: Effect of simplified boundary conditions on the stress distribution in the distal radius and volar plate implant loadingArticle Artikel Oct-2022
9Haslinger, Katja ; Thurner, Philipp ; Pahr, Dieter ; Frank, Martin A new compression test set-up for measuring visco-elastic material properties of individual trabeculae in physiological conditionsPresentation Vortrag28-Sep-2022
10Bachmann, Sebastian ; Pahr, Dieter ; Synek, Alexander Inverse bone remodeling allows for prediction of physiological peak joint loads using clinically feasible homogenized finite element modelsPresentation VortragSep-2022
11Bachmann, Sebastian ; Pahr, Dieter ; Synek, Alexander Homogenized-FE-based Inverse Bone Remodeling: Modified Optimization Criterion and Evaluation on the Distal RadiusPresentation Vortrag29-Jun-2022
12Reisinger, Andreas G. ; Frank, Martin ; Thurner, Philipp ; Pahr, Dieter Damage in single trabeculae under tension identified by inverse rheological modellingPresentation Vortrag28-Jun-2022
13Berger, Laurenz ; Pahr, Dieter ; Synek, Alexander Articular contact vs. embedding: the effect of boundary conditions on volar plate fixation at the distal radiusPresentation Vortrag27-Jun-2022
14Frank, Martin ; Aryeetey, Othniel J. ; Estermann, Sarah-Jane ; Pahr, Dieter Adaptive quasi-linear model – universal material parameters of liver tissue for different load cases?Presentation Vortrag27-Jun-2022
15Stefanek, Pia ; Synek, Alexander ; Dall´Ara, Enrico ; Pahr, Dieter Validation of linear and materially nonlinear μFE predicted displacement fields of bone biopsies using DVCPresentation VortragJun-2022
16Aryeetey, Othniel J. ; Frank, Martin ; Lorenz, Andrea ; Pahr, Dieter Fracture toughness determination of muscle tissue based on AQLV model derived viscous dissipated energyPresentation VortragJun-2022
17Amraish, Nedaa ; Pahr, Dieter New insights into high-resolution strain fields of trabecular bone using digital image correlationPresentation VortragJun-2022
18Sinzinger-2022-Bone Reports-vor.pdf.jpgSinzinger, Fabian ; van Kerkvoorde Jelle ; Pahr, Dieter ; Moreno, Rodrigo Predicting the trabecular bone apparent stiffness tensor with spherical convolutional neural networksArticle Artikel Jun-2022
19Jaksa-2022-Inventions-vor.pdf.jpgJaksa, Laszlo ; Pahr, Dieter ; Kronreif, Gernot ; Lorenz, Andrea Calibration Dependencies and Accuracy Assessment of a Silicone Rubber 3D PrinterArticle Artikel Jun-2022
20Nägl Katharina ; Reisinger, Andreas G. ; Pahr, Dieter Biomechanical failure behaviour of 3D printed femoral bones compared to artificial and human bonesPresentation VortragJun-2022