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E192-07 - Forschungsbereich Artificial Intelligence Techniques
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1Kocijan, Vid ; Jang, Myeongjun ; Lukasiewicz, Thomas Pre-training and diagnosing knowledge base completion modelsArticle Artikel Apr-2024
2Zhang, Jiaojiao ; Zhang, Shuo ; Shen, Xiaoqian ; Lukasiewicz, Thomas ; Xu, Zhenghua Multi-ConDoS: Multimodal Contrastive Domain Sharing Generative Adversarial Networks for Self-Supervised Medical Image SegmentationArticle Artikel Jan-2024
3Xu, Zhenghua ; Yu, Zhoutao ; Zhang, Hexiang ; Chen, Junyang ; Gu, Junhua ; Lukasiewicz, Thomas ; Leung, Victor C. M. PhaCIA-TCNs: Short-Term Load Forecasting Using Temporal Convolutional Networks With Parallel Hybrid Activated Convolution and Input AttentionArticle Artikel Jan-2024
4Mahon-2024-Pattern Recognition-vor.pdf.jpgMahon, Louis ; Lukasiewicz, Thomas Minimum description length clustering to measure meaningful image complexityArticle Artikel Jan-2024
5Sha, Lei ; Thomas Lukasiewicz Text attribute control via closed-loop disentanglementArticle Artikel 2024
6Song-2024-Nature Neuroscience-vor.pdf.jpgSong, Yuhang ; Millidge, Beren ; Salvatori, Tommaso ; Lukasiewicz, Thomas ; Xu, Zhenghua ; Bogacz, Rafal Inferring neural activity before plasticity as a foundation for learning beyond backpropagationArticle Artikel 2024
7Yu, Miao ; Guo, Miaomiao ; Zhang, Shuai ; Zhan, Yuefu ; Zhao, Mingkang ; Lukasiewicz, Thomas ; Xu, Zhenghua RIRGAN: An end-to-end lightweight multi-task learning method for brain MRI super-resolution and denoisingArticle Artikel Dec-2023
8Kocijan, Vid ; Davis, Ernest ; Lukasiewicz, Thomas ; Marcus, Gary ; Morgenstern, Leora The Defeat of the Winograd Schema ChallengeArticle Artikel Dec-2023
9Frieder, Simon ; Berner, Julius ; Petersen, Philipp ; Lukasiewicz, Thomas Large Language Models for MathematiciansArticle ArtikelDec-2023
10Xu, Zhenghua ; Tian, Biao ; Liu, Shijie ; Wang, Xiangtao ; Yuan, Di ; Gu, Junhua ; Chen, Junyang ; Lukasiewicz, Thomas ; Leung, Victor C. M. Collaborative Attention Guided Multi-Scale Feature Fusion Network for Medical Image SegmentationArticle Artikel 14-Nov-2023
11Xu, Zhenghua ; Zhang, Xudong ; Zhang, Hexiang ; Liu, Yunxin ; Zhan, Yuefu ; Lukasiewicz, Thomas EFPN: Effective medical image detection using feature pyramid fusion enhancementArticle Artikel Sep-2023
12Giunchiglia, Eleonora ; Stoian, Mihaela Cătălina ; Khan, Salman ; Cuzzolin, Fabio ; Lukasiewicz, Thomas ROAD-R: the autonomous driving dataset with logical requirementsArticle Artikel 1-May-2023
13Yuan, Di ; Xu, Zhenghua ; Tian, Biao ; Wang, Hening ; Zhan, Yuefu ; Lukasiewicz, Thomas μ-Net: Medical image segmentation using efficient and effective deep supervisionArticle Artikel 23-Apr-2023
14Tang, Mufeng ; Salvatori, Tommaso ; Millidge, Beren ; Song, Yuhang ; Lukasiewicz, Thomas ; Bogacz, Rafal Recurrent predictive coding models for associative memory employing covariance learningArticle Artikel 14-Apr-2023
15Xu, Zhenghua ; Li, Tianrun ; Liu, Yunxin ; Zhan, Yuefu ; Chen, Junyang ; Lukasiewicz, Thomas PAC-Net: Multi-pathway FPN with position attention guided connections and vertex distance IoU for 3D medical image detectionArticle Artikel 2-Feb-2023
16Sha, Lei ; Camburu, Oana-Maria ; Lukasiewicz, Thomas Rationalizing predictions by adversarial information calibrationArticle Artikel Feb-2023
17Li, Yikuan ; Mamouei, Mohammad ; Salimi-Khorshidi, Gholamreza ; Rao, Shishir ; Hassaine, Abdelaali ; Canoy, Dexter ; Lukasiewicz, Thomas ; Rahimi, Kazem Hi-BEHRT: Hierarchical Transformer-Based Model for Accurate Prediction of Clinical Events Using Multimodal Longitudinal Electronic Health RecordsArticle Artikel Feb-2023
18Yuan, Di ; Liu, Yunxin ; Xu, Zhenghua ; Zhan, Yuefu ; Chen, Junyang ; Lukasiewicz, Thomas Painless and accurate medical image analysis using deep reinforcement learning with task-oriented homogenized automatic pre-processingArticle Artikel Feb-2023
19Jang, Myeongjun ; Majumder, Bodhisattwa Prasad ; McAuley, Julian ; Lukasiewicz, Thomas ; Camburu, Oana-Maria KNOW How to Make Up Your Mind! Adversarially Detecting and Remedying Inconsistencies in Natural Language ExplanationsInproceedings Konferenzbeitrag 2023
20Lukasiewicz, Thomas ; Malizia, Enrico ; Molinaro, Cristian Complexity of Inconsistency-Tolerant Query Answering in Datalog+/- under Preferred RepairsInproceedings Konferenzbeitrag 2023