Ad personam Jean Monnet Chair for Political Economy of European Integration

Project Acronym Projekt Kurzbezeichnung
ECON: ad personam JM Chair
Project Title (de) Projekttitel (de)
Ad personam Jean Monnet Chair for Political Economy of European Integration
Project Title (en) Projekttitel (en)
Ad personam Jean Monnet Chair for Political Economy of European Integration
Consortium Coordinator Koordinator des Konsortiums
Principal Investigator Projektleiter_in
Funder/Funding Agency Fördergeber
European Commission

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PreviewAuthors / EditorsTitleTypeIssue Date
1Hanappi, Gerhard Agent-based modelling. History, essence, futureArtikel Article2017
2Hanappi, Gerhard ; Katsikides, Savaas ; Hanappi, Gerhard Shangri-La Governance. A Sketch of an Integral Solution for European Economic Policy based on a Synthesis of Europe's ProblemsBuchbeitrag Book Contribution 2016
3Hanappi, Gerhard ; Scholz-Wäckerle, Manuel ; Katsikides, Savaas ; Hanappi, Gerhard ; Scholz-Wäckerle, Manuel ; Katsikides, Savaas NATO Expansion versus Consolidation of the EUBuchbeitrag Book Contribution 2016
4Katsikides, Savaas ; Hanappi, Gerhard ; Katsikides, Savaas ; Hanappi, Gerhard The Birth of Europe (Conclusion - Chapter 16)Buchbeitrag Book Contribution 2016
5Hanappi, Gerhard ; Katsikides, Savaas ; Koktsidis, Pavlos I. Unemployment in Mediterranean EU Countries: Fighting Youth UnemploymentBuchbeitrag Book Contribution 2015
6Hanappi, Gerhard ; Demetriou, Kyriakos N. Defeating Nationalism in Europe. Voting Mechanisms for Highly Integrated EconomiesBuchbeitrag Book Contribution 2015
7Hanappi, Gerhard bbbPräsentation Presentation2015
8Hanappi, Gerhard The Balkan States as part of Europe. The Political Economy of Subsidiarity?Präsentation Presentation2015
9Hanappi, Gerhard Cooperation, Competition and InnovationPräsentation Presentation2015
10Hanappi, Gerhard Europe - in 5 yearsPräsentation Presentation2015
11Hanappi, Gerhard ; Scholz-Wäckerle, Manuel Evolutionary Political Economy: Content and MethodsPräsentation Presentation2015
12Hanappi, Gerhard Europas künftige EntwicklungPräsentation Presentation2015
13Hanappi, Hardy Schumpeter and GoodwinArtikel Article 2015
14Hanappi, Gerhard Game theory as the formal language for the social sciencesPräsentation Presentation2014
15Hanappi, Gerhard Evolutionary Political Economy in Crisis ModeArtikel Article2014
16Hanappi, Gerhard Game Theory RelaunchedBuch Book 27-Mar-2013
17Hanappi, Gerhard ; Hanappi-Egger, Edeltraud Gramsci meets Veblen: On the search for a new revolutionary classPräsentation Presentation2013
18Hanappi, Gerhard ; Fadda, Sebastiano ; Tridico, Pasquale Evolutionary Dynamics in Revolutionary TimesBuchbeitrag Book Contribution2013
19Hanappi, Gerhard The necessary next steps in Europe's education policyPräsentation Presentation2013
20Hanappi, Gerhard Future Methods of Political Economy. From Hicks' Equation Systems to Evolutionary Macroeconomic SimulationArtikel Article2013