Electronic correlations on the three-particle level

Project Acronym Projekt Kurzbezeichnung
Project Title (de) Projekttitel (de)
Electronic correlations on the three-particle level
Project Title (en) Projekttitel (en)
Electronic correlations on the three-particle level
Consortium Coordinator Koordinator des Konsortiums
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Funder/Funding Agency Fördergeber
FWF - Österr. Wissenschaftsfonds
Grant number Förderkennnummer
P 32044-N32

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PreviewAuthor(s)TitleTypeIssue Date
1Kitatani, Motoharu ; Si, Liang ; Worm, Paul ; Tomczak, Jan M ; Arita, Ryotaro ; Held, Karsten Nickelate superconductors calculated by dynamical vertex approximationPresentation Vortrag27-Nov-2023
2Kappl, Patrick ; Krien, Friedrich ; Watzenböck, Clemens Ulrich ; Held, Karsten Nickelate superconductivity - theoryPresentation Vortrag13-Nov-2023
3Kappl, Patrick ; Krien, Friedrich ; Watzenböck, Clemens ; Held, Karsten Dynamical vertex calculations for nickelate superconductorsPresentation Vortrag20-Oct-2023
4Kappl, Patrick ; Krien, Friedrich ; Watzenböck, Clemens ; Held, Karsten Nonlinear responses and three-particle correlators in correlated electron systems exemplified by the Anderson impurity modelArticle Artikel 5-May-2023
5Shinaoka, Hiroshi ; Wallerberger, Markus ; Murakami, Yuta ; Nogaki, Kosuke ; Sakurai, Rihito ; Werner, Philipp ; Kauch, Anna Multiscale Space-Time Ansatz for Correlation Functions of Quantum Systems Based on Quantics Tensor TrainsArticle Artikel 27-Apr-2023
6Vandelli, M. ; Kaufmann, J. ; Harkov, V. ; Lichtenstein, A. I. ; Held, K. ; Stepanov, E. A. Extended regime of metastable metallic and insulating phases in a two-orbital electronic systemArticle Artikel 25-Apr-2023
7Kitatani, Motoharu ; Si, Liang ; Worm, Paul ; Tomczak, Jan M ; Arita, Ryotaro ; Held, Karsten Optimizing Superconductivity: From Cuprates via Nickelates to PalladatesArticle Artikel 20-Apr-2023
8Held, Karsten ; Kitatani, Motoharu ; Si, Liang ; Worm, Paul Nickelate superconductors: One-band Hubbard model plus decoupled: A pocket picturePresentation Vortrag30-Mar-2023
9Kaufmann, Josef ; Held, Karsten ana_cont: Python package for analytic continuationArticle Artikel Jan-2023
10Krien-2022-Communications Physics-vor.pdf.jpgKrien, Friedrich ; Worm, Paul ; Chalupa-Gantner, Patrick ; Toschi, Alessandro ; Held, Karsten Explaining the pseudogap through damping and antidamping on the Fermi surface by imaginary spin scatteringArticle Artikel 24-Dec-2022
11Held, Karsten Beyond DMFT: Spin Fluctuations, Pseudogaps and SuperconductivityPresentation Vortrag4-Oct-2022
12Held, Karsten Beyond DMFT: Spin Fluctuations, Pseudogaps and SuperconductivityInproceedings Konferenzbeitrag4-Oct-2022
13Pickem, Matthias ; Tomczak, Jan M. ; Held, Karsten Particle-hole asymmetric lifetimes promoted by nonlocal spin and orbital fluctuations in SrVO₃ monolayersArticle Artikel 30-Sep-2022
14Wallerberger, Markus ; Held, Karsten Trie-based ranking of quantum many-body statesArticle Artikel 26-Sep-2022
15Worm, Paul ; Si, Liang ; Kitatani, Motoharu ; Arita, Ryotaro ; Tomczak, Jan M. ; Held, Karsten Correlations tune the electronic structure of pentalayer nickelates into the superconducting regimeArticle Artikel 6-Sep-2022
16Kitatani, Motoharu ; Arita, Ryotaro ; Schäfer, Thomas ; Held, Karsten Strongly correlated superconductivity with long-range spatial fluctuationsArticle Artikel 19-Jul-2022
17Watzenböck, Clemens ; Fellinger, Martina ; Held, Karsten ; Toschi, Alessandro Long-term memory magnetic correlations in the Hubbard model: A dynamical mean-field theory analysisArticle Artikel 7-Jun-2022
18Si, Liang ; Worm, Paul ; Held, Karsten Fingerprints of Topotactic Hydrogen in Nickelate SuperconductorsArticle Artikel 4-May-2022
19Worm, Paul ; Kitatani, Motoharu ; Tomczak, Jan M. ; Si, Liang ; Held, Karsten Hidden one-dimensional, strongly nested, and almost half-filled Fermi surface in Ba₂CuO₃+ᵧ superconductorsArticle Artikel 7-Feb-2022
20Held, Karsten ; Si, Liang ; Worm, Paul ; Janson, Oleg ; Arita, Ryotaro ; Zhong, Zhicheng ; Tomczak, Jan M. ; Kitatani, Motoharu Phase Diagram of Nickelate Superconductors Calculated by Dynamical Vertex ApproximationArticle Artikel 21-Jan-2022