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Valtiner, Markus
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1Ramach-2023-iScience-vor.pdf.jpgRamach, Ulrich ; Andersson, Jakob ; Schöfbeck, Rosmarie ; Valtiner, Markus Q-lipid-containing membranes show high in-plane conductivity using a membrane-on-a-chip setupArticle Artikel 17-Feb-2023
2Franceschi, Giada ; Kocán, Pavel ; Conti, Andrea ; Brandstetter, Sebastian ; Balajka, Jan ; Sokolović, Igor ; Valtiner, Markus ; Mittendorfer, Florian ; Schmid, Michael ; Setvín, Martin ; Diebold, Ulrike Resolving the intrinsic short-range ordering of K+ ions on cleaved muscovite micaArticle Artikel 13-Jan-2023
3Liberto-2022-Langmuir-vor.pdf.jpgLiberto, Teresa ; Nenning, Andreas ; Bellotto, Maurizio ; Dalconi, Maria Chiara ; Dworschak, Dominik ; Kalchgruber, Lukas ; Robisson, Agathe ; Valtiner, Markus ; Dziadkowiec, Joanna Detecting Early-Stage Cohesion Due to Calcium Silicate Hydration with Rheology and Surface Force ApparatusArticle Artikel 6-Dec-2022
4Singewald, Tanja Denise ; Bruckner, Thomas ; Gruber, Ralph ; Schimo-Aichhorn, Gabriela ; Hader-Kregl, Laura ; Andronescu, Sascha ; Klotz, Michael ; Müller, Mathias ; Kern, Carina ; Rosner, Martin ; Luckeneder, Gerald ; Stellnberger, Karl-Heinz ; Strauß, Bernhard ; Hafner, Martina ; Valtiner, Markus Systematic variation of inorganic additives and their impact on interfacial delamination processes of automotive coating systemsArticle Artikel Dec-2022
5Yuan, Hui ; Mears, Laura L E ; Liu, Xiao ; Qi, Wei ; Su, Rongxin ; Valtiner, Markus Recombinant lubricin improves anti-adhesive, wear protection, and lubrication of collagen II surfaceArticle Artikel Dec-2022
6Valtiner, Markus Understanding reactivity at electrified interfaces with force probe experiments: From electric double layers, to corrosion and SEI formation on Li-anodesPresentation Vortrag22-Nov-2022
7Valtiner, Markus Understanding reactivity at electrified interfaces with force probe experiments: From electric double layers, to corrosion and SEI formation on Li-anodes (talk)Presentation Vortrag22-Nov-2022
8Valtiner, Markus Applied Interface Physics and BioadhesionPresentation Vortrag14-Nov-2022
9Valtiner, Markus Mussel Adhesion: A Fundamental Perspective on Factors Governing Strong Underwater AdhesionPresentation Vortrag6-Nov-2022
10Franceschi, Giada ; Lezuo, Luca ; Brandstetter, Sebastian ; Kocan P. ; Conti A. ; Balajka, Jan ; Sokolovic, Igor ; Pavelec, Jiri ; Setvin, Martin ; Valtiner, Markus ; Mittendorfer, Florian ; Schmid, Michael ; Diebold, Ulrike Nc-AFM studies of pristine mineral surfaces and their interaction with water (poster)Presentation Vortrag14-Sep-2022
11Mears, Laura L E ; Appenroth, Julia ; Yuan, Hui ; Celebi, Alper T ; Bilotto, Pierluigi ; Imre, Alexander M ; Zappone, Bruno ; Su, Rongxin ; Valtiner, Markus Mussel adhesion: A fundamental perspective on factors governing strong underwater adhesionArticle Artikel Sep-2022
12Traxler, Ines ; Singewald, Tanja Denise ; Schimo-Aichhorn, Gabriela ; Hild, Sabine ; Valtiner, Markus Scanning electrochemical microscopy methods (SECM) and ion-selective microelectrodes for corrosion studiesArticle Artikel 8-Jul-2022
13Ostermann, Markus ; Velicsanyi, Peter ; Bilotto, Pierluigi ; Schodl, Juergen ; Nadlinger, Markus ; Fafilek, Günter ; Lieberzeit, Peter A ; Valtiner, Markus Development and Up-Scaling of Electrochemical Production and Mild Thermal Reduction of Graphene OxideArticle Artikel 1-Jul-2022
14Schwenzfeier, Kai A ; Valtiner, Markus Design and testing of drift free force probe experiments with absolute distance controlArticle Artikel Jul-2022
15Valtiner, Markus Colloid and Interface ForcesPresentation Vortrag20-Jun-2022
16Dworschak, Dominik ; Bishara, Marina ; Cheng, Hsiu-Wei ; Valtiner, Markus Combining AFM imaging and elementally resolved spectroelectrochemistry for understanding stability and quality of passive films formed on Alloy 600Article Artikel Jun-2022
17Dziadkowiec, Joanna ; Cheng, Hsiu-Wei ; Ludwig, Michael ; Ban, Matea ; Tausendpfund, Timon Pascal ; von Klitzing, Regine ; Mezger, Markus ; Valtiner, Markus Cohesion Gain Induced by Nanosilica Consolidants for Monumental Stone RestorationArticle Artikel 23-May-2022
18Goetz, Selina ; Mehanni, Daniella ; Bansal, Neha ; Kubicek, Bernhard ; Wibowo, Rachmat Adhi ; Bauch, Martin ; Linke Christian ; Franzke, Enrico ; Winkler, Jörg ; Meyer, Toby ; Narbey, Stephanie ; Stock, David ; Valtiner, Markus ; Dimopoulos, Theodoros Low-Temperature-Processed Transparent Electrodes Based on Compact and Mesoporous Titanium Oxide Layers for Flexible Perovskite Solar CellsArticle Artikel 23-May-2022
19Goetz, Selina ; Wibowo, Adhi Rachmat ; Bauch, Martin ; Bansal, Neha ; Ligorio, Giovanni ; List-Kratochvil, Emil ; Linke, Christian ; Franzke, Enrico ; Winkler, Jörg ; Valtiner, Markus ; Dimopoulos, Theodoros Transparent electrodes based on molybdenum–titanium–oxide with increased water stability for use as hole-transport/hole-injection componentsArticle Artikel 6-May-2022
20Singewald, Tanja Denise ; Bruckner, Thomas ; Gruber, Ralph ; Schimo-Aichhorn, Gabriela ; Hader-Kregl, Laura ; Poeller, Sascha ; Mueller, Mathias ; Kern, Carina ; Luckeneder, Gerald ; Stellnberger, Karl-Heinz ; Strauß, Bernhard ; Hafner, Martina ; Valtiner, Markus Water-uptake in hollow glass microspheres and their influence on cathodic and anodic delamination along the polymer/metal-interfaceArticle Artikel Mar-2022

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PreviewAuthors / EditorsTitleTypeIssue Date
1Fossati Stefan - 2023 - Nanophotonic materials for biomedical sensing.pdf.jpgFossati, Stefan Nanophotonic materials for biomedical sensingThesis Hochschulschrift 2023
2Singewald Tanja Denise - 2023 - Interfacial processes in adhesively bonded...pdf.jpgSingewald, Tanja Denise Interfacial processes in adhesively bonded joints under corrosive loadThesis Hochschulschrift 2023
3Hahn Michael - 2022 - Adhesion Oxide Stability and Passivation Processes on...pdf.jpgHahn, Michael Adhesion, oxide stability and passivation processes on stainless steel bandsThesis Hochschulschrift 2022
4Schwenzfeier Kai Alexander - 2022 - Development of an Interferometry-Based...pdf.jpgSchwenzfeier, Kai Alexander Development of an interferometry-based drift-compensated scanning probe microscopy technique to measure surface forces (Molecular Forces Apparatus, MFA)Thesis Hochschulschrift 2022
5Imre Alexander Michael - 2021 - Electrochemically Switchable Adhesion of a...pdf.jpgImre, Alexander Michael Electrochemically switchable adhesion of a catechol functionalized monolayerThesis Hochschulschrift 2021
6Wieser Valentina - 2021 - Construction of a 3-Mirror Interferometer Surface...pdf.jpgWieser, Valentina Construction of a 3-Mirror interferometer surface forces apparatus and its application for measuring biophysical interactionsThesis Hochschulschrift 2021
7Dworschak Dominik - 2021 - A holistic approach on real-time analysis of...pdf.jpgDworschak, Dominik A holistic approach on real-time analysis of degradation at solid-liquid interfacesThesis Hochschulschrift 2021
8Brunnhofer Carina - 2021 - Method development for characterizing corrosion and...pdf.jpgBrunnhofer, Carina Elektrochemische Methodenentwicklung zur Charakterisierung von Korrosion und Korrosionsschutz mit einer elektrochemischen ICP-MS FlusszelleThesis Hochschulschrift 2021
9Kalchgruber Lukas - 2020 - A combined experimental and theoretical study for...pdf.jpgKalchgruber, Lukas Komplementäre experimentelle und theoretische Untersuchungen zur Optimierung einer elektrochemischen ICP-MS DurchflusszelleThesis Hochschulschrift 2020
10Buchner Florian - 2020 - Load dependence of the ab-initio real contact area.pdf.jpgBuchner, Florian Load dependence of the ab-initio real contact areaThesis Hochschulschrift 2020
11Merola Claudia - 2019 - Unrevealing corrosion mechanism in nanometer confined...pdf.jpgMerola, Claudia Unrevealing corrosion mechanism in nanometer confined gaps using white light interferometry in reflection and transmission modeThesis Hochschulschrift 2019
12Moreno Ostertag Laila Maria - 2019 - Decoding single-molecular reactions and...pdf.jpgMoreno Ostertag, Laila Maria Decoding single-molecular reactions and interactions at solid/liquid interfacesThesis Hochschulschrift 2019
13Lengauer Maximilian - 2018 - Stability of lipid layer systems under high...pdf.jpgLengauer, Maximilian Stability of lipid layer systems under high adhesionThesis Hochschulschrift 2018

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