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Sihver, Lembit

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1Slegl, J. ; Ploc, O. ; Sihver, Lembit ; Puchalska, Monika Use of the Radioactive Carbon C-9 in RadiotherapyPräsentation Presentation2017
2Sihver, Lembit Transport CodesPräsentation Presentation2018
3Rohling, Heide ; Fuchs, H. ; Hirtl, A. ; Marta, M. ; Reschl, C. ; Sihver, Lembit ; Stock, M. Towards PET monitoring at the Austrian ion beam therapy center MedAustronPräsentation Presentation2017
4Sihver, Lembit The History, Physics and Radiobiology Behind Particle and Ion TherapyPräsentation Presentation2017
5Sihver, Lembit ; Berger, Thomas The DOSIS and DOSIS 3D project on-board the ISS — Current status and scientific overviewKonferenzbeitrag Inproceedings2017
6Berger, Thomas ; Przybyla, B. ; Matthiä, D. ; Reitz, G. ; Burmeister, S. ; Labrenz, J. ; Bilski, P. ; Horwacik, T. ; Twardak, A. ; Pálfalvi, J. K. ; Szabó, J. ; Stradi, A. ; Ambrozova, I. ; Hajek, Michael ; Fugger, Manfred ; Sihver, Lembit ; Vanhavere, F. ; Cauwels, V. ; Schoonjans, W. ; Parisi, A. ; van Hoey, O. ; Gaza, R. ; Yukihara, E. G. ; Benton, E. ; Uchihori, Y. ; Kodaira, S. ; Kitamura, H. ; Boehme, M. The DOSIS and DOSIS 3D Pproject on-board the International Space Station - Current status and science overviewPräsentation Presentation2016
7Burker, A. ; Hirtl, A. ; Sihver, Lembit The calculation of differential and double differential cross sections using GATE simulationsPräsentation Presentation2016
8Puchalska, Monika ; Sihver, Lembit Task 2.1: Characterization of experimental exposuresPräsentation Presentation2015
9Sato, T. ; Nagamatsu, A. ; Takeda, K. ; Niita, K. ; Sihver, Lembit ; Puchalska, Monika Space Radiation Dosimetry in Kibo Module, Part II: SimulationPräsentation Presentation2015
10Sato, T. ; Nagamatsu, A. ; Takeda, K. ; Niita, K. ; Puchalska, Monika ; Sihver, Lembit Simulation of the Radiation Environment inside ISS Using the PHITS CodePräsentation Presentation2016
11Dachs, F. ; Brunner, S. E. ; Hirtl, A. ; Schaart, D. R. ; Sihver, Lembit Simulation of an ultrafast gamma detector with GEANT4Präsentation Presentation2016
12Sihver, Lembit Research Strategy - Radiation PhysicsPräsentation Presentation2016
13Sato, T. ; Niita, K. ; Iwamoto, Y. ; Hashimoto, S. ; Ogawa, T. ; Furuta, T. ; Abe, S. ; Kai, T. ; Matsuda, N. ; Okumura, K. ; Iwase, H. ; Sihver, Lembit Recent Improvements of the PHITS codePräsentation Presentation2016
14Brabcová, K.P. ; Sihver, Lembit ; Ukraintsev, E. ; Davidková, M. Radiation-Induces Fragmentation of Plasmid DNA Measured with Atomic Force microscopyPräsentation Presentation2017
15Sihver, Lembit "Radiation Risks in Space - Mitigation and ProtectionPräsentation Presentation2016
16Sihver, Lembit Radiation Physics at ATI TUW and MedAustronPräsentation Presentation2016
17Sihver, Lembit ; Ploc, O. ; Ambrozova, I. ; Kodaira, S. ; Shurshakov, V. Radiation environment onboard spacecraft in deep spacePräsentation Presentation2015
18Sihver, L. ; Kodaira, S. ; Ambrozova, I. ; Uchihori, Y. ; Shurshakov, V. Radiation environment onboard spacecraft at LEO and in deep spaceKonferenzbeitrag Inproceedings2016
19Sihver, Lembit ; Kodaira, S. ; Ambrozova, I. ; Uchihori, Y. ; Shurshakov, V. Radiation environment onboard spacecraft at LEO and in deep spacePräsentation Presentation2016
20Nikitaki, Z. ; Brabcová, K.P. ; Souli, M. ; Foster, Michaela ; Puchalska, Monika ; Pospisil, P. ; Sihver, Lembit Primary DNA damage induced by high energetic protonsPräsentation Presentation2017

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