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Svozil, Karl

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1Svozil, Karl ; Adamatzky, Andrew Vector ComputationBuchbeitrag Book Contribution2021
2Svozil, Karl ; Meir, Hemmo ; Shenker, Orly Roots and (Re)sources of Value (In)definiteness Versus ContextualityKonferenzbeitrag Inproceedings 2020
3Greenberger, D. ; Svozil, Karl ; Elitzur, A. ; Dolev, S. ; Kolenda, N. Quantum theory looks at time travelBuchbeitrag Book Contribution2005
4Svozil, Karl Quantum Queries Associated with Equi-partitioning of States and Multipartite Relational Encoding Across Space-TimeBuchbeitrag Book Contribution2016
5Putz, Volkmar ; Svozil, Karl ; Miranda, Eduardo Reck Quantum Music, Quantum Arts and¬†Their PerceptionBuchbeitrag Book Contribution 2022
6Svozil, Karl ; Grandinetti, Lucio ; Mirtaheri, Seyedeh Leili ; Shahbazian, Reza Quantum Advantage by Relational Queries About Equivalence ClassesBuchbeitrag Book Contribution2019
7Rieder, Sebastian ; Svozil, Karl ; Adenier, Guillaume ; Khrennikov, A. ; Fuchs, Christopher A. Probability distributions and Cleason's theoremKonferenzbeitrag Inproceedings2007
8Svozil, Karl ; Olszewski, Adam ; Wolenski, Jan ; Janusz, Robert Physics and metaphysics look at computationBuchbeitrag Book Contribution2006
9Svozil, Karl ; Calude, Cristian S. Physical Aspects of Oracles for Randomness and Hadamard's ConjectureKonferenzbeitrag Inproceedings2014
10Svozil, Karl Physical (A)CausalityBuch Book2018
11Abbott, Alastair A. ; Calude, Cristian S. ; Svozil, Karl ; Beklemishev, Lev On the unpredictability of individual quantum measurement outcomesKonferenzbeitrag Inproceedings2015
12Svozil, Karl ; Calude, Cristian S. On the Brightness of the Thomson Lamp: A Prolegomenon to Quantum Recursion TheoryKonferenzbeitrag Inproceedings2009
13Svozil, Karl ; Calude, Cristian S. Omega and the time evolution of the n-body problemBuchbeitrag Book Contribution2007
14Svozil, Karl ; Calude, Cristian S. ; Zenile, Hector Is Feasibility in Physics Limited by Fantasy Alone?Buchbeitrag Book Contribution2012
15Svozil, Alexander ; Svozil, Karl ; Schumann, A. Induction and Physical Theory Formation As Well As Universal Computation by Machine LearningBuchbeitrag Book Contribution2021
16Svozil, Karl Indeterminism and randomness through physicsBuchbeitrag Book Contribution2011
17Svozil, Karl Haunted Quantum Contextuality versus Value IndefinitenessKonferenzbeitrag Inproceedings2012
18Svozil, Karl ; Burgin, Mark ; Calude, Cristian S. Generalized Event Structures and ProbabilitiesBuchbeitrag Book Contribution2016
19Svozil, Karl ; Stadler, Friedrich ; Fischer, Kurt R. Feyerabend and physicsBuchbeitrag Book Contribution2006
20Svozil, Karl ; Calude, Cristian S. ; Bellow, Alexandra ; Zamfirescu, Tudor Entanglement through Path IdentificationBuchbeitrag Book Contribution2018

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