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Ertl, Peter

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1Rothbauer Mario - 2019 - Tomorrow today organ-on-a-chip advances towards...pdf.jpgRothbauer, Mario ; Rosser, Julie M. ; Zirath, Helene ; Ertl, Peter Tomorrow today: organ-on-a-chip advances towards clinically relevant pharmaceutical and medical in vitro modelsArticle Artikel 2019
2Rothbauer Mario - 2018 - Recent advances in microfluidic technologies for...pdf.jpgRothbauer, Mario ; Zirath, Helene ; Ertl, Peter Recent advances in microfluidic technologies for cell-to-cell interaction studiesArticle Artikel 2018
3Hashemzadeh-2020-Nanomaterials-vor.pdf.jpgHashemzadeh, Hadi ; Allahverdi, Abdollah ; Sedghi, Mosslim ; Vaezi, Zahra ; Tohidi Moghadam, Tahereh ; Rothbauer, Mario ; Fischer, Michael Bernhard ; Ertl, Peter ; Naderi-Manesh, Hossein PDMS Nano-Modified Scaffolds for Improvement of Stem Cells Proliferation and Differentiation in Microfluidic PlatformArticle Artikel 2-Apr-2020
4Byrne, RA ; Olmos Calvo, I ; Kartnig, F ; Platzer, A ; Zheden, V ; Lovicar, L ; Holinka, J ; Steiner, G ; Ertl, P ; Smolen, JS ; Kiener, H-P P104 Synovial fibroblast relationship status: it’s complicatedKonferenzbeitrag Inproceedings2018
5Olmos Calvo, I ; Byrne, RA ; Bonelli, M ; Niederreiter, B ; Alasti, F ; Karonitsch, T ; Holinka, J ; Steiner, G ; Smolen, JS ; Ertl, P ; Kiener, HP P096 Synovial tissue remodelling as a means of tissue memoryKonferenzbeitrag Inproceedings2018
6Eilenberger Christoph - 2018 - Optimized alamarBlue assay protocol for drug...pdf.jpgEilenberger, Christoph ; Kratz, Sebastian Rudi Adam ; Rothbauer, Mario ; Ehmoser, Eva-Kathrin ; Ertl, Peter ; Küpcü, Seta Optimized alamarBlue assay protocol for drug dose-response determination of 3D tumor spheroidsArticle Artikel 2018
7Shabestanimonfared-2020-Scientific Reports-vor.pdf.jpgShabestanimonfared, Ghazal ; Ertl, Peter ; Rothbauer, Mario An on-chip wound healing assay fabricated by xurography for evaluation of dermal fibroblast cell migration and wound closureArticle Artikel 1-Oct-2020
8Chen, Y.Y. ; Totaro, D. ; Steiger, M. ; Mattanovich, D. ; Ertl, P. ; Wang, H.Y.A. Novel microfluidic and analytical approaches for screening of engineered strains: Micro-sensor technologies for pH and organic acids detectionKonferenzbeitrag Inproceedings2018
9Totaro, D. ; Rothbauer, M. ; Chen, Y.Y. ; Sauer, M. ; Steiger, M. ; Wang, H.Y.A. ; Ertl, P. ; Mattanovich, D. Novel microfluidic and analytical approaches for screening engineered strains: Downscaling of S. cerevisae cultivations for lactic acid productionKonferenzbeitrag Inproceedings2018
10Rothbauer, Mario ; Ertl, Peter ; Ertl, Peter ; Rothbauer, Mario Next-Generation Live-Cell Microarray TechnologiesBuchbeitrag Book Contribution2018
11Novak, Richard ; Wartmann, David ; Mathies, Richard A ; Ertl, Peter Microfluidic platform for multiplexed cell sampling and time-resolved spr-based cytokine sensingKonferenzbeitrag Inproceedings2015
12Gassner, R ; Zsifkovits, C ; Steinkühler, J ; Ertl, Maria ; Ertl, Peter ; Kapferer, W ; Lepperdinger, Günter Implants: science meets technologyKonferenzbeitrag Inproceedings2015
13Rothbauer Mario - 2020 - FTIR spectroscopy as a novel analytical approach for...pdf.jpgRothbauer, Mario ; Eilenberger, Christoph; Spitz, Sarah ; Bachmann, Barbara ; Pajenda, Jasmin ; Schwaighofer, Andreas ; Höll, Gregor ; Helmke, Palle Steen ; Kohl, Yvonne ; Lendl, Bernhard ; Ertl, Peter FTIR spectroscopy as a novel analytical approach for investigation of glucose transport and glucose transport inhibition studies in transwell in vitro barrier modelsArticle Artikel 2020
14Zirath Helene - 2018 - Every Breath You Take Non-invasive Real-Time Oxygen...pdf.jpgZirath, Helene ; Rothbauer, Mario ; Spitz, Sarah ; Bachmann, Barbara ; Jordan, Christian ; Müller, Bernhard ; Ehgartner, Josef ; Priglinger, Eleni ; Mühleder, Severin ; Redl, Heinz ; Holnthoner, Wolfgang ; Harasek, Michael ; Mayr, Torsten ; Ertl, Peter Every Breath You Take: Non-invasive Real-Time Oxygen Biosensing in Two- and Three-Dimensional Microfluidic Cell ModelsArticle Artikel 2018
15Purtscher, Michaela ; Rothbauer, Mario ; Holnthoner, Wolfgang ; Redl, Heinz ; Ertl, Peter Establishment of Vascular Networks in Biochips Using Co-cultures of Adipose Derived Stem Cells and Endothelial Cells in a 3D Fibrin MatrixKonferenzbeitrag Inproceedings2015
16Bachmann Barbara - 2018 - Engineering of three-dimensional pre-vascular networks...pdf.jpgBachmann, Barbara Eva Maria ; Spitz, Sarah ; Rothbauer, Mario ; Jordan, Christian ; Purtscher, Michaela ; Zirath, Helene ; Schuller, Patrick ; Eilenberger, Christoph ; Faheem Ali, Syed ; Mühleder, Severin ; Priglinger, Eleni ; Harasek, Michael ; Redl, Heinz ; Holnthoner, Wolfgang ; Ertl, Peter Engineering of three-dimensional pre-vascular networks within fibrin hydrogel constructs by microfluidic control over reciprocal cell signalingArticle Artikel 2018
17Bachmann, B ; Spitz, Sarah ; Rothbauer, Mario ; Jordan, Christian ; Purtscher, Michaela ; Mühleder, Severin ; Priglinger, Eleni ; Redl, Heinz ; Holnthoner, Wolfgang ; Ertl, Peter Effect sof growth factor gradients and indirect flow on vasculature-on-chipKonferenzbeitrag Inproceedings2018
18Eilenberger-2019-Scientific Reports-vor.pdf.jpgEilenberger, Christoph ; Rothbauer, Mario ; Ehmoser, Eva-Kathrin ; Ertl, Peter ; Küpcü, Seta Effect of Spheroidal Age on Sorafenib Diffusivity and Toxicity in a 3D HepG2 Spheroid ModelArticle Artikel 19-Mar-2019
19Rothbauer, Mario ; Küpcü, Seta ; Sleytr, Uwe B. ; Ertl, Peter Crystalline Bacterial Protein Nanolayers for Cell MicropatterningKonferenzbeitrag Inproceedings2015
20Rothbauer Mario - 2017 - A comparative study of five physiological key...pdf.jpgRothbauer, Mario ; Patel, Nilaykumar ; Gondola, Hajnalka ; Siwetz, Monika ; Huppertz, Berthold ; Ertl, Peter A comparative study of five physiological key parameters between four different human trophoblast-derived cell linesArticle Artikel 2017

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PreviewAuthors / EditorsTitleTypeIssue Date
1Rieder Bernhard - 2019 - Tissue-engineered strategies to repair chondrogenic and...pdf.jpgRieder, Bernhard Tissue-engineered strategies to repair chondrogenic and osteogenic defectsThesis Hochschulschrift 2019
2Schmid Barbara - 2020 - Synthesis surface chemistry modifications and...pdf.jpgSchmid, Barbara Synthesis, surface chemistry modifications and characterisation of hybrid nanostructuresThesis Hochschulschrift 2020
3Schweinzer Clara - 2017 - Self-nanoemulsifying drug delivery systems SNEDDS -...pdf.jpgSchweinzer, Clara Self-nanoemulsifying drug delivery systems (SNEDDS) - influences on cellular uptakeThesis Hochschulschrift 2017
4Kratz Sebastian Rudi Adam - 2020 - Rapid prototyping manufacturing and...pdf.jpgKratz, Sebastian Rudi Adam Rapid prototyping, manufacturing and application of organ-on-a-chip and cell based lab-on-a-chip systemsThesis Hochschulschrift 2020
5Kratz Sebastian Rudi Adam - 2018 - Physical characterization and rapid...pdf.jpgKratz, Sebastian Rudi Adam Physical characterization and rapid prototyping of functional biomedical adhesives for membrane- and electrode-integrated cell-based lab-on-a-chip systemsThesis Hochschulschrift 2018
6Rothbauer, Mario ; Ertl, Peter ; Ertl, Peter ; Rothbauer, Mario Next-Generation Live-Cell Microarray TechnologiesBuchbeitrag Book Contribution2018
7Bachmann Barbara Eva Maria - 2021 - MECHANOBIOLOGY AT THE MICROSCALE...pdf.jpgBachmann, Barbara Eva Maria Mechanobiology at the microscale : Organ-on-a-chip technology as a tool to boost preclinical model relevanceThesis Hochschulschrift 2021
8Schweinberger Selina - 2021 - Hard- and software development of a...pdf.jpgSchweinberger, Selina Hard- and software development of a mechanobiological organ-on-a-chip platformThesis Hochschulschrift 2021
9Gerken Lukas - 2017 - Hafnia-basierte Nanopartikel zur Bildgebung und Therapie...pdf.jpgGerken, Lukas Hafnia-basierte Nanopartikel zur Bildgebung und Therapie : Anpassung der physikalisch-chemischen Eigenschaften und Wechselwirkungen mit biologischen Entitäten : tailoring the physicochemical properties and itneractions with biological entitiesThesis Hochschulschrift 2017
10Agneter Anja - 2020 - Graphene-based biosensor platform for the development of...pdf.jpgAgneter, Anja Graphene-based biosensor platform for the development of an artificial noseThesis Hochschulschrift 2020
11Pajenda Jasmin - 2018 - Glucose transport and inhibition in five human organ...pdf.jpgPajenda, Jasmin Glucose transport and inhibition in five human organ barriersThesis Hochschulschrift 2018
12Mayassa Mhammad - 2018 - Experimental and in-silico characterization of...pdf.jpgMayassa, Mhammad Experimental and in-silico characterization of microfluidic concentration gradient generatorsThesis Hochschulschrift 2018
13Afkhami Reza - 2019 - Development of a microfluidic nanotoxicological-screening...pdf.jpgAfkhami, Reza Development of a microfluidic nanotoxicological-screening system with integrated sensors for a continuous monitoring of cell viabilityThesis Hochschulschrift 2019
14Roth Doris - 2021 - Development of a Human in vitro Cystic Fibrosis Model for...pdf.jpgRoth, Doris Development of a human in vitro cystic fibrosis model for personalized medicineThesis Hochschulschrift 2021
15Eilenberger Christoph - 2021 - Controlling the Third Dimension.pdf.jpgEilenberger, Christoph Controlling the Third DimensionThesis Hochschulschrift 2021
16Gondola Hajnalka - 2017 - Charaterization of electrical biosensors to monitor...pdf.jpgGondola, Hajnalka Charaterization of electrical biosensors to monitor placenta barrier integrityThesis Hochschulschrift 2017
17Leikam Barbara - 2021 - Characterization of passive Valves in Microsystems.pdf.jpgLeikam, Barbara Characterization of passive check valves in microsystemsThesis Hochschulschrift 2021
18Farooq Bilal - 2016 - Characterization of laser scattering detection system for...pdf.jpgFarooq, Bilal Characterization of laser scattering detection system for microfluidic 3D cell culturesThesis Hochschulschrift 2016
19Ertl, Peter ; Rothbauer, Mario Cell-Based MicroarraysBuch Book2018
20Hoell Gregor - 2018 - Analysis of three-dimensional in vitro tissue models using...pdf.jpgHöll, Gregor Analysis of three-dimensional in vitro tissue models using a light scattering biosensorThesis Hochschulschrift 2018