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Univ.Prof. Dipl.-Ing. Dr.techn.
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Fröhlich, Johannes

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1Getreuer Paul - 2020 - Towards Triphenylamine-based Water-soluble Initiators for...pdf.jpgGetreuer, Paul Towards triphenylamine-based water-soluble initiators for two-photon-iInduced polymerizationThesis Hochschulschrift2020
2Wolf Anna-Patricia - 2020 - Towards Life originating de-novo Strategies how...pdf.jpgWolf, Anna-Patricia Towards life originating de-novo: Strategies how compartmentalization could be induced by a synthetic self-replicatorThesis Hochschulschrift2020
3Kader Thomas - 2016 - Synthesis of novel carboline-based annulated heterocyclic...pdf.jpgKader, Thomas Synthesis of novel carboline-based annulated heterocyclic systems for organic electronicsThesis Hochschulschrift2016
4Meindl Birgit - 2020 - Synthesis of Nitrogen-Incorporated Indolo321-jkcarbazole...pdf.jpgMeindl, Birgit Synthesis of nitrogen-incorporated indolo[3,2,1-jk]carbazole derivativesThesis Hochschulschrift2020
5Puntscher Hannes - 2014 - Synthesis and study of novel carbazole- and...pdf.jpgPuntscher, Hannes Synthesis and study of novel carbazole- and indolocarbazole-functionalized Dithienophosphole oxides as bipolar functional organic materialsThesis Hochschulschrift2014
6Lunzer Markus - 2014 - Synthesis and characterization of triarylamine based...pdf.jpgLunzer, Markus Synthesis and characterization of triarylamine based materials as two photon absorption photoinitiatorsThesis Hochschulschrift2014
7Rimmele Martina - 2019 - Synthesis and characterisation of redox-active...pdf.jpgRimmele, Martina Synthesis and characterisation of redox-active conjugated macrocyclesThesis Hochschulschrift2019
8Gurtner Sebastian - 2015 - Synthese ausgewaehlter Palladium- und Nickelkomplexe...pdf.jpgGurtner, Sebastian Synthese ausgewählter Palladium- und Nickelkomplexe und deren Verwendung als Katalysatoren in Suzuki Kreuzkupplungen zur Herstellung potentieller Materialien für Organic ElectronicsThesis Hochschulschrift2015
9Lexmueller Stefan - 2018 - Novel strategies and methods for the development of...pdf.jpgLexmüller, Stefan Novel strategies and methods for the development of glycosidase responsive fluorogenic probesThesis Hochschulschrift2018
10Bader Dorian - 2018 - Novel annulated heterocycles based on the...pdf.jpgBader, Dorian Novel annulated heterocycles based on the indolo[3,2,1-jk]carbazole scaffoldThesis Hochschulschrift2018
11Weber Julia - 2017 - New methods for the synthesis of glycosylated natural...pdf.jpgWeber, Julia New methods for the synthesis of glycosylated natural products with application to masked mycotoxinsThesis Hochschulschrift2017
12Lumpi Daniel - 2018 - Monodisperse oligoethylene glycols synthesis and...pdf.jpgLumpi, Daniel ; Lumpi, Daniel; Lumpi, DanielMonodisperse oligo(ethylene glycols): synthesis and applicationThesis Hochschulschrift2018
13Kautny Paul - 2017 - Intramolekularer Charge Transfer in funktionellen...pdf.jpgKautny, Paul Intramolekularer Charge Transfer in funktionellen organischen MaterialienThesis Hochschulschrift2017
14Schwartz Thomas - 2017 - Indolo321-jkcarbazole based materials for OLED...pdf.jpgSchwartz, Thomas Indolo[3,2,1-jk]carbazole based materials for OLED applicationsThesis Hochschulschrift2017
15Kader Thomas - 2020 - Development of Novel Planarized Triarylamine Based...pdf.jpgKader, Thomas Development of novel planarized triarylamine based materials for OLEDsThesis Hochschulschrift2020
16Bogner Paul - 2020 - Development of modified antibiotics as internal standards...pdf.jpgBogner, Paul Development of modified antibiotics as internal standards for therapeutic drug monitoringThesis Hochschulschrift2020
17Kronister, Stefan Design of bioorthogonal agents for targeted prodrug activation inside tumor cellsThesis Hochschulschrift2020
18Keppel Patrick - 2019 - Bioorthogonal bond-cleavage reactions applying...pdf.jpgKeppel, Patrick Bioorthogonal bond-cleavage reactions applying self-immolative linkersThesis Hochschulschrift2019
19Krauter Simon - 2015 - Benzyloxycarbonyl protected thioglycosides for...pdf.jpgKrauter, Simon Benzyloxycarbonyl protected thioglycosides for diastereoselective glycosylationThesis Hochschulschrift2015
20Poremba Nikolaus - 2019 - Azaindolo321-jkcarbazole based donor-acceptor...pdf.jpgPoremba, Nikolaus Azaindolo[3,2,1-jk]carbazole based donor-acceptor materials as potential TADF emittersThesis Hochschulschrift2019

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