Prefix title Titel (vorangestellt)
Ao.Univ.Prof. Dipl.-Ing. Dr.techn.
Full name Familienname, Vorname
Kasper-Giebl, Anneliese

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TitleP-InvestigatorProject status
Aerosol measurements - Historic Steam Engine Weizelsdorf / Kappel an der DrauKasper-Giebl, AnnelieseCLOSED
Aerosolmeasurements at Mount SonnblickKasper-Giebl, AnnelieseCLOSED
Airborn particulate matter in subway tunnelsKasper-Giebl, AnnelieseCOMPLETED
Ambient air measurements of ammonia with passive samplingKasper-Giebl, AnnelieseCLOSED
Ambient Air Measurements with passive samplersKasper-Giebl, AnnelieseCLOSED
Analyses of B(a)P in particulate matter samples - sampling conducted in 2018Kasper-Giebl, AnnelieseCOMPLETED
Analyses of BaP in particulate matter samples collected in NÖ in 2016Kasper-Giebl, AnnelieseCLOSED
Analyses of EC and OC from filter samples collected in SalzburgKasper-Giebl, AnnelieseCLOSED
Analyses of environmental samples (ion chromatography and carbon analysis)Kasper-Giebl, AnnelieseCLOSED
Analysis of BaP and EC/OC in emissions samples from wood comustion unitsKasper-Giebl, AnnelieseCLOSED
Analysis of BaP in particulate matter samples collected at 5 sampling sites in Lower Austria in 2017Kasper-Giebl, AnnelieseCLOSED
Analysis of benzo(a)pyrene in particulate matter samples, sampling within 2019 until 2020Kasper-Giebl, AnnelieseIN PROGRESS
Analysis of rainsamples from WADOS-sampling sitesKasper-Giebl, AnnelieseCLOSED
Chemical characterisation of Wet Deposition samples in AustriaKasper-Giebl, AnnelieseCLOSED
Clean Air by biomass - FlowET People&ImpactKasper-Giebl, AnnelieseCOMPLETED
Determination of ammonia with diffusion samplersKasper-Giebl, AnnelieseCLOSED
Determination of BaP in ambient particulate matter (sampling in 2018)Kasper-Giebl, AnnelieseCLOSED
Determination of daily average NO2 concentrations at SonnblickKasper-Giebl, AnnelieseCLOSED
Determination of the extraction efficiency of B(a)P in particulate matterKasper-Giebl, AnnelieseCLOSED
Does Particulate Matter concern me?Kasper-Giebl, AnnelieseCLOSED