Prefix title Titel (vorangestellt)
Ao.Univ.Prof. Dipl.-Ing. Dr.techn.
Full name Familienname, Vorname
Harasek, Michael

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TitleP-InvestigatorProject status
A Disruptive Innovative Cooperative Entrepreneurial (DICE) education, training and skills development programme rolling out the next generation of Agri Biorefinery and Valorisation Bioeconomy leadersHarasek, MichaelIN PROGRESS
ADA Supporting Biogas/Biomethane Utilization in BrazilHarasek, MichaelCLOSED
Biogas Network Austria - Research & Innovation for CompetitivenessHarasek, MichaelCLOSED
Biogas upgradingHarasek, MichaelCLOSED
Cascadic utilization of Biowastes for the Production of Biobutanol and BioethanolHarasek, MichaelCLOSED
CFD Calculation of the Cooling Air Flow in Server Rooms for Flow OptimizationHarasek, MichaelCLOSED
CFD simulation of fluidized bed combustorsHarasek, MichaelCLOSED
Compact Technology for the Removal of Hydrogen Sulfide from BiogasHarasek, MichaelCLOSED
Cooperation Initiation - Formic acid from CO2Harasek, MichaelCOMPLETED
Development auf Stirring Systems with Improved Mixing Behaviour in Biogas Fermenters and Reduced Energy Consumption Using Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD)Harasek, MichaelCLOSED
Development of a Catalytic Process for the Methanation of CO2 from Industrial SourcesHarasek, MichaelCLOSED
Development of a firing system with an optimized heat exchanger for the integration of a Stirling engine moduleHarasek, MichaelCLOSED
Development of a new combustion technology for biogenic residuesHarasek, MichaelCLOSED
Development of a technology for the microbial utilisation of CO2 and H2 for the production of ethanolHarasek, MichaelIN PROGRESS
Development of microbiological biorefinery conceptsHarasek, MichaelCOMPLETED
Efficiency Improval of Biogas PlantsHarasek, MichaelCLOSED
Energy efficient drying and burning process for high performance and chemical resistant refractory materialsHarasek, MichaelCLOSED
Energy-efficient Process for the Concentration of Product SolutionsHarasek, MichaelCLOSED
Experts Consulting for the Process Development and Optimization of the Ethyllactate Production by Reactive DistilliationHarasek, MichaelIN PROGRESS
Feasibility Study: Catalytic pressureless Oilification of Solid Wastes and BiomassHarasek, MichaelCLOSED