Prefix title Titel (vorangestellt)
Ao.Univ.Prof.i.R. Dipl.-Ing. Dr.techn.
Full name Familienname, Vorname
Puxbaum, Hans
Main Affiliation Organisationszuordnung

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TitleP-InvestigatorProject status
Analysis of carbonaceous species from aeroplane emissionsPuxbaum, HansCLOSED
Analysis of PM10-samples (5.-6.1.2008) Don BoscoPuxbaum, HansCLOSED
Aqella-Lower AustriaPuxbaum, HansCLOSED
AQUELLA - Linz - OÖPuxbaum, HansCLOSED
AQUELLA LeobenPuxbaum, HansCLOSED
AQUELLA PeggauPuxbaum, HansCLOSED
Aquella-KärntenPuxbaum, HansCLOSED
Aquella-KlagenfurtPuxbaum, HansCLOSED
AQUELLA-KöflachPuxbaum, HansCLOSED
"AQUELLIS-FB" Aerosol sources - combustion of solid fuelsPuxbaum, HansCLOSED
Biomass combustion and its impact on PM10 and PM2.5 emissions in Lower Austria and West Hungary - implications for biomass combustion technologiesPuxbaum, HansCLOSED
Call Umweltsenat-StädtbauprojektPuxbaum, HansCLOSED
Chemischal Analysis of 34 filters (inorganic ions, silizium and aluminium)Puxbaum, HansCLOSED
Efficiency of traffic action plan in StyriaPuxbaum, HansCLOSED
In situ monitoring of landfill related contaminants in soil and water by IR sensingPuxbaum, HansCLOSED
PM10 Aerosol emissions of mobile sourcesPuxbaum, HansCLOSED
Quellenanalyse von PM10- und PM2,5 Belastungen in Graz (AQUELLA-Feinstaubevaluierung Graz Süd)Puxbaum, HansCLOSED
Source contributions to PM10 aerosols in KnittelfeldPuxbaum, HansCLOSED
Technical-financial and medical-sanitary evaluation of the application of grit in the municipal winter servicePuxbaum, HansCLOSED
Training Programme on "Air Quality Monitoring, Emission Inventory and Source Apportionment Studies for Indian Cities"Puxbaum, HansCLOSED