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Senior Scientist Dipl.-Ing. techn.
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Merta, Ildiko
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1Simonova, Hana ; Kucharczykova, Barbara ; Poletanovic, Bojan ; Merta, Ildiko ; Kersner, Zbynek Mechanical fracture parameters of hemp fibre reinforced cement-based composites with recycled aggregateInproceedings Konferenzbeitrag 27-Oct-2022
2Merta, Ildiko UPCYCLING CONRETE: recent research, future trendsPresentation Vortrag20-Oct-2022
3Poletanovic, Bojan ; Kopecsko, Katalin ; Merta, Ildiko The influence of the hornification on the mechanical properties of the hemp fibre reinforced fly ash-based geopolymer mortarPresentation Vortrag28-Sep-2022
4Merta, Ildiko Bio-based concretes - potentials and challenges.Präsentation Presentation2022
5Fidanchevski, Emilija ; Ster, Katarina ; Mrak, Marusa ; Kljajević, Ljiljana ; Zibret, Gorazd ; Teran, Klemen ; Poletanovic, Bojan ; Monika, Fidanchevska ; Dolenec, Sabina ; Merta, Ildiko The Valorisation of Selected Quarry and Mine Waste for Sustainable Cement Production within the Concept of Circular EconomyArtikel Article 2022
6Merta, Ildiko ; Poletanovic, Bojan ; Dragas, Jelena ; Carevic, Vedran ; Ignjatovic, Ivan ; Komljenovic, Miroslav The influence of accelerated carbonation on physical and mechanical properties of hemp fibre reinforced alkali-activated fly ash and fly ash/slag mortarsArtikel Article 2022
7Merta, Ildiko Potentials of natural fibre cementitious compositesPräsentation Presentation2022
8Khalaf, Ali Abdulhasan ; Kopecskó, Katalin ; Merta, Ildiko Prediction of the Compressive Strength of Fly Ash Geopolymer Concrete by an Optimised Neural Network ModelArtikel Article 2022
9Poletanovic, Bojan ; Merta, Ildiko RIS-ALiCE Deliverable Report 2.7Bericht Report2022
10Poletanovic, Bojan ; Merta, Ildiko Final Report for the Project No. CZ 17/2020Bericht Report2022
11Merta, Ildiko ; Yaneva, Elena MOBI-US Workshop 2, Improvement Session 1: Entrepreneurial and innovative learning and teachingPräsentation Presentation2021
12Yaneva, Elena ; Merta, Ildiko New pathways to create industrial symbiosis on the topic of red mudPräsentation Presentation2021
13Merta, Ildiko Innovative sustainable building materialsPräsentation Presentation2021
14Poletanovic, Bojan ; Janotka, Ivan ; Janek, Marian ; Bacuvcik, Michal ; Merta, Ildiko Influence of the NaOH-treated hemp fibres on the properties of fly-ash based alkali-activated mortars prior and after wet/dry cyclesArtikel Article 2021
15Yaneva, Elena ; Papaefthymiou, Spyros ; Daling, Lea ; Šoštarić, Sibila Borojević ; Merta, Ildiko Rethinking Education in the Raw Materials Sector through Tailor-Made Teaching MethodologiesKonferenzbeitrag Inproceedings2021
16Poletanovic, Bojan ; Merta, Ildiko Sustainable Alternatives to Traditional Cement-Based Building MaterialsKonferenzbeitrag Inproceedings2021
17Merta, Ildiko Advanced natural fibre reinforced composites-potentials and challengesPräsentation Presentation2021
18Merta, Ildiko Properties of cementitious building materials containing secondary raw materialPräsentation Presentation2021
19Merta, Ildiko Sustainable cementitious composites: Recent research and developmentPräsentation Presentation2021
20Merta, Ildiko Natural fibers from industrial waste as fibre reinforcement in cementitious compositesPräsentation Presentation2021

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1Eichinger, Michael Bionic reinforcement in building constructionThesis Hochschulschrift2010