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Ao.Univ.Prof. Univ.Prof. Dipl.-Ing. Dr.techn.
Full name Familienname, Vorname
Blaschke, Alfred

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TitleP-InvestigatorProject status
A (Aqua Stress) - KR13AC6K11034Blaschke, AlfredCLOSED
Flood monitoring 2012 - suspended loadBlaschke, AlfredCLOSED
groundwater transport model "Untere Lobau"Blaschke, AlfredCLOSED
grounwater management plan SeewinkelBlaschke, AlfredCLOSED
Hydrologic bases - "Grundwasserwerk Mitterndorfer Senke"Blaschke, AlfredCLOSED
Investigation of the seeping amount of water of railway constructionBlaschke, AlfredCLOSED
Microbiologically-hygienic condition of Lake Neusiedl - Pilot study hydrologyBlaschke, AlfredCLOSED
Model calculations for the thermal well GeinbergBlaschke, AlfredCLOSED
Modelling of the suspended load transport in the LOBAU.Blaschke, AlfredCLOSED
Monitoring program DanubeBlaschke, AlfredCLOSED
Optimised management of riverine landscapes based on a multi-criteria Decision Support System: merging societal requirements and ecological development in a changing world.Blaschke, AlfredCLOSED
Photodocumentation of the Danube river bottom in the area of AschachBlaschke, AlfredCLOSED
Photodocumentation of the Danube riverbed in the area of GreifensteinBlaschke, AlfredCLOSED
Photos of the Danube sole in the reservoir Vienna-FreudenauBlaschke, AlfredCLOSED
pilot project Bad Deutsch-AltenburgBlaschke, AlfredIN PROGRESS
Preliminary investigations 2006 for the natural test Bad Deutsch Altenburg (Pre-monitoring).Blaschke, AlfredCLOSED
preservation of evidence - MA31Blaschke, AlfredCLOSED
Reed Belt Neusiedler See/FertőBlaschke, AlfredIN PROGRESS
Representation of the results of the climaticrelevant studies regionalized in form for the water management in upper AustriaBlaschke, AlfredCLOSED
Thermal consequences of thermal water uses Blaschke, AlfredCLOSED