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Dipl.-Ing. Dr.techn.
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Pfaffenbichler, Paul

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1Farkas Timea - 2016 - Fahrraddiebstaehle in OEsterreich.pdf.jpgFarkas, Tímea Fahrraddiebstähle in ÖsterreichThesis Hochschulschrift2016

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TitleP-InvestigatorProject status
Adaptation of the dynamic land use and transport interaction model MARS Austria for its utilisation for the Austrian Emission InventoryPfaffenbichler, PaulCLOSED
Analysis of the effects of an inner city shopping centre on an adjacent shopping streetPfaffenbichler, PaulCLOSED
Competitive Electric Town TransportPfaffenbichler, PaulCLOSED
E-cars in the Metropolregion WienPfaffenbichler, PaulCLOSED
E-MOTO - action- and motivation plan for establishment of e-mobility at young two-wheel driversPfaffenbichler, PaulCLOSED
Electric mobility powered by electricity from the regionPfaffenbichler, PaulCLOSED
estimation of the dimension of the fuel-price caused fuel export in VorarlbergPfaffenbichler, PaulCLOSED
Extension of the FP7-project TRANSFORM - utilisation of results in the Austrian contextPfaffenbichler, PaulCLOSED
Identification of transport and spatial policy paths for a low CO2 transport system in 2050Pfaffenbichler, PaulCLOSED
Impact of innovative mobility concepts and services on supply and utilisation of public spaces in urban structuresPfaffenbichler, PaulCLOSED
International comparison of implementation measures to a child-friendly mobilityPfaffenbichler, PaulCLOSED
Mobility needs of an aging society - Optimizing the offer of public transport in the outskirts of ViennaPfaffenbichler, PaulCLOSED
Modelling of passenger transport operations in the framework of the energy economics scenarios with regard to the climate targets 2030 and 2050Pfaffenbichler, PaulCLOSED
PLUTO - Prediction of Land Use and Transport changes due to Open borders ¿ a modelling framework for the Vienna ¿ Bratislava metropolitan regionPfaffenbichler, PaulCLOSED
Potentials of selected measures for reduction of greenhouse gas emissions of the passenger traffic within the framework of an integrated Austria-wide strategyPfaffenbichler, PaulCLOSED
Requirements of an increasing wheel traffic share on quality and quantity of bike parks - inquiry, infrastructure costs and acceptancePfaffenbichler, PaulCLOSED
The promotion of walking as a fundamental element of a sustainable environment and transport policy for the City of ViennaPfaffenbichler, PaulCLOSED
Update of the forecast of the development of the number of electric cars from the project "Acceleration figures E-cars in the metropolitan area of Vienna"Pfaffenbichler, PaulCLOSED